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Letter #75 - June 27, 2011

Hey Mom,

So, I'll start off with my week as usual.


Today after going to the cyber, we had a bit of time to hang out before we had to work. For work, we went and did divisions again with E' Crandell and his companion. I of course went with E' Crandell, and we just went to a couple of houses together.


Today we had our district meeting in the morning. We basically just talked about ways that we can apply the things that we learned in our special conference with Elder Foster that we had last week. After the meeting, we came back to Vichadero (the weeks are all the same... haha). We didn't have any set plans, and my comp had some things that he had to do, so we spent a tiny bit of time running a couple little errands. My companion had to go to a place to take out money that his parents had sent him, and we went to a store. Afterwards, we went to our branch president's house to talk to him about the work and ward and everything. That was pretty much it for today.


Today in the morning, my comp and I had a tiny bit of time, so we went to Anita's house. She of course didn't let us in (I have no idea what happened to her), but we had a pretty good lesson at the door. She basically just made a ton of excuses and stuff. It's sad, I don't know what happened... We also had another lesson that was even more interesting. We went to this girl's house who's a little younger than us, and I think some of her family is members of the church too. Anyways, she was talking to us, and her grandma and mom's boyfriend were in this other room just yelling stuff at her and us. They were very unhospitable haha. She was nice, it was just a contentious home. We didn't stay there long. We also had a lesson with Karen, one of Marta's daughters. Since she's innactive, and her mom just got baptized and stuff, we basically explained to her how she shouldn't do stuff that other people do just to be accepted by them, as in the end, she'll have a lot of regrets. Tonight in the night, we also played soccer with Mauro and his group of friends. They're good, and I think that I played a little better than last time, and kept up without any problems. Tonight, my comp wanted to call the Hermana (President's wife), as I guess he was sick. He said he had like a cough or flu, but I had never heard him cough or mention anything. But whatever, I let him call haha. He talked to Pres' wife, then president called him back, and then he talked to me for a bit. I ended up talking to president for a couple minutes, which was cool. It's not very often that we get to see him or talk to him, and he has a lot of stuff to do.


Today in the morning, we spent a fair amount of time at Marta's house. The reason is because her grandson was sick, so we went over to see what was wrong, and then went and visited him and his mom (who's 18) in the clinic. We also ate lunch with her today, so that also took up some time. Today we had a lesson with a kid named Nico, who's Joissy's brother. Nico has been around quite a bit when we've been with Marta, but we'd never really talked to him. He said that he'd like to go to church and get baptized, so I guess we'll see. Today something kind of cool that happened, is the Uruguay professional team played in Rivera against some country whose name I don't recognize in Spanish. Almost always, big soccer games happen in Montevideo, the capital, and the only big city that there is in this country haha. This one was in Rivera, the zone that I'm in. My comp and I actually are like 2.5 hours away, but the missionaries in the zone asked permission to see if we could go the game. They of course told us no haha. One of the assistants is an Uruguayan, and I had sent him a text telling him that if he let us go to the game, I'd buy his bus ticket and entry if he wanted to come. He didn't respond haha. This was Monday; on Tuesday they told us at district meeting that if anyone went to the game, they'd have a special interview with president haha. So yeah, of course that didn't happen.


Today in the morning, we had our weekly planning. It's a lot different planning with E' Rodriguez. Usually, my comp and I talk about everything, talk about people and ideas, and come to conclussions. With him, I basically just talk outloud to myself until I decide on something set that I want to do, and then he says 'okay' and we move on. When I ask his opinion, he says that it's fine, but sometimes I know not to ask his opinion, as I already know what he thinks haha. Today we had set a lesson with Joissy, who came to church several weeks ago. My comp lost his patience with her long ago, and I would have been content stopping trying with her after today if she didn't come to church on Sunday. But, I wanted one more lesson. Today we went by a little beforehand to tell her that we'd come by to get her, but it was done in a non-loving or patient way. So of course when we came back like half an hour later, she didn't want to (and didn't) come out haha. So whatever, I guess she's done. We also had a lesson with a lady named Maria that we've been teaching a while, and this time we brought a member with us (Erika- we're working with her family a lot). It was good, although Erika couldn't stay there very long, as she had something else that she had to leave to.


Today was the first day this week that we talked to and found Carla and Christofer. They got baptized and confirmed like a week ago, so we've tried to go by them a few times this week, but they were never home. Today, they finally were, so we could talk to them for a bit, and keep in contact. We also had soccer again today with the kids of the town. It's getting worse and worse. Basically only Marta's family goes and Carla and Cristofer. So it's like five people max, and one of them a guy. When I got here and we played with E' Smith, there was like 25 competative and egoistic 15 year olds who played. Now it's just a couple of girls in this family that we're friends with. Not that it's bad or that I really care (with E' Smith it was way more stressful), but it's just not the exercise that it used to be. Today we had a couple lessons with some innactive people, trying to get them to come back to church and stuff. It's tough though, we actually had quite a few lessons with innactive people like that this week.


Today was Sunday, and today for the first time in a long time, we had a ton of members in church today. Basically everyone who is active came to church today, so that means there was like 25 or so haha. We don't have many investigators, so none of them came to church, other than Andrew again (Erika's son), and none of our innactive people came. Hm. Today we had a pretty unproductive day. Marta wants to move, so she had us go to a couple houses and try to figure out all this stuff so that she can get out of where she is. Today we also went to Rivera in the night. I used to go in the night always, but then we set lessons Sunday night and then we had to start coming in Monday morning. But since we didn't have any set lessons, we just came in the night.


Last night, I was so flipping cold, I hardly slept at all. I don't even think I really ever slept, I think I just doze off a couple times in the night. I had on tighter, long sleeved and pant style underclothes, my pijamas, and two blankets. I slept with my head under my blankets, but I was still frozen. Houses just aren't built the same here. And, my electric blanket was well worth the 35 bucks or so I spent on it haha, but I don't bring it with me to Rivera. Anyways, today we went to the chapel with the elders that we stayed with to play soccer. Technically, we're not supposed to since we aren't supposed to meet up with anyone outside of our district (to avoid large groups), but this time they let it slide since we didn't really know and we stayed with the elders who have the key to the church, so we just went with them. After playing soccer, we went to the feria, and I bought some Uruguay soccer socks and a Brasilian jersey. I don't have much money, but I plan on buying a couple more pairs of socks and jerseys next week. After lunch and the feria, we just came to the cyber, where I am now.

Other stuff,

Okay, I talked a lot about the ties that I had bought last week, but I never got to the good part. I don't know how I forgot. Okay so anyways, I had just figured that everyone else had bought all these zipper ties, but nobody every mentioned it. Well last week, I told an Elder who had one of the ties that I bought how I had no idea that everyone was using all these zipper ties, and nobody ever told me. He laughed, and told me that there was both styles, showing me how his was a normal tie. I guess they used to have both styles, but all the missionaries had bought the normal style, so that left me buying a bunch of zipper ties. I actually prefer them, but I just feel like a little kid haha.

Well mom, I'd better go. My time is up haha. Thanks for everything that you do for me. Oh, I meant to mention, do you have a conference Ensign that you're going to send to me? If you do, since it's almost July 1st, could you send me some more Canada pens, as I've actually given almost all of them out? Thanks. Okay, now that's it haha. Anyways, thanks for the email and updates as always. Tell everyone at July 1st that I miss them haha.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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