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Letter #76 - July 5, 2011

Hey Mom,

Well, I don't have much time this week, as it's changes and I have to catch a bus, but I'll see how much I can manage to type.


Today after our PDay, I went out and worked with an Elder here from Rivera. We did divisions, as my comp and I don't know anything. Elder Wilfly is from Sacramento, and is someone that I met in the CCM. When I had been there 6 weeks, he showed up and was in the group younger than I. We had one lesson, but then all of our other plans went through. Don't put this next part online. Okay, when we went to our last house, the person didn't answer and there was this dog at the neighbor's house that was barking at us like crazy. Since the person didn't answer, and there was nobody around, I threw a rock at the dog and nailed it. And since we had nothing to do, and there was only like 45 minutes left, I suggested that we walk around and throw rocks at dogs that barked at us. E' Wilfly is pretty negative about a lot of things in the mission, specifically about how Uruguay is inferior to North America, so he thought it was a great idea. So for about 45 minutes we walked around his area with rocks and when a dog barked at us, if there was nobody around, we threw rocks at the dogs. It was totally a waste of time, but it wasn't my area, and I thought that it was fun haha.


Today was our last district meeting of the change. Normally at the last meeting, the whole zone (like 26) takes a big group picture together. Since we meet in our districts now (like 8), we didn't get to take a big group picture, which kind of sucked. Something also pretty random is that president heaton called us when we were eating lunch, to ask how my comp was and if he was there. Apparently some missionary in Montevideo (like 5 hours away) thought that he saw him down there, and called president. To make sure that he was where he was, president called me haha. Today after coming back to Vichadero, we went to Marco's house, and we spent a bit of time with his family. It went super well, we're starting to become friends a little better with Andrew, his son, so it went really well. Tonight my comp also told me something that kind of surprised me. He basically told me that he'd fallen in a slump, realized that he was being difficult, and that he wanted to change. The rest of the week went a lot better, needless to say, haha.


Today in the morning we went to our recent converts, Carla and Cristofer, to watch a video with them. We're trying to stay in at least somewhat regular contact with them, so the movie was good. We also went to this lady that I met a long time ago who's stopped coming to church (she's actually a little slow), as we were near her house, to try to help her stop smoking as it's something that she has a problem with. We also found this lady who I ahd talked to a couple months ago, and we had a super good lesson with her. She's already gone to church twice a long time ago, her husband who passed away almost got baptized, and she accepted everything that we asked her to do. It was super good, as we need more people to teach.


Today in the morning, Marta asked us to go to some places (I forget what they're called in English) to see if there were any places to rent, as she wants to move from where she's at. It was such a waste of time, and I didn't really want to do it, but I suppose it was service, in which case, it was a good use of time. Really, I feel like it was just errands. In the afternoon, we did some real service, cutting firewood for a lady in the ward. Cutting firewood is actually something that I discovered that I like doing. I think it might be becasue it's not really that strenuous but I feel like a man doing it haha. Today we also went to a guy in the ward because it was his birthday. I think I've mentioned him, but it's basically this ex-president (before they changed) who offended a lot of people and is super cold. He really appreciated our visit. We also had a family home evening with Marco's family today. They made food (woohoo), and we we did the lesson. We used the plan of salvation wood map thing that you sent me for Christmas. It worked really well, as it wasn't too much presure on the family that Andrew should get baptized, it was educational, spiritual, and overall just good.


Today was Friday, so we had our weekly planning. Since I was pretty sure that I'm leaving, I basically let my comp do everything, as I didn't really care that much anymore. He's been so hard to work with that we don't have like anyone to teach, so I let him basically plan. In the evening we had a couple of random lessons, but there was nothing special.


Today in the morning we did a bit of service at the church. Since there was kind of a dip between the sidewalk of the church and the road, the church bought a bunch of dirt and piled it in a couple piles infront of the church. With the rest of the men in the ward, we just spread the dirt, using a bunch of random tools that we had. We also had a meeting with our president in the church today, which was the first meeting that we had in the church in a while. In the evening, we watched a soccer game with a family that's kinda innactive (just super lazy) in the ward. The South America cup has started (in Argentina), and today Columbia played. My comp really wanted to watch the game. I kind of thought it was a waste of time, but I figured it was smarter to just let him watch it than fight about it. Plus, I've discovered that I actually like watching soccer. I used to think it was really boring, but that's kind of changed in the mission haha.


Today was Sunday, so we had church in the morning. Today we had a pretty good attendance at church, although not quite as good as last week. We also had two investigators there, Andrew and Nico. Andrew is Marcos and Erika's son, and Nico is a kid that we taught two weeks ago. He's Patricia's kid, and so we didn't really figure that it was worth our time going to him anymore, as she's lied to us and all this stuff. However, today he showed up at church with Marta, so that was kinda a nice surprise. Since today was testimony meeting, I took advantage of the oportunity to bear my testimony and basically say goodbye to everyone and leave them with a little advice I guess. In the evening, we mostly went by members, spending a bit of time with them and then sharing a message to kind of say bye.


Today was the day that we found out our changes. As I pretty much knew, I'm leaving Vichadero. I'm going to be going to Paysandu, as a district leader. I'm actually taking E' Smith's spot (my CCM comp and comp from a couple changes ago), going with the missionary that he trained, and taking his spot as district leader. Some gringo who's reletively new is coming to Vichadero to take my spot, and so E' Rodriguez is going up to senior comp, meaning he's making all the shots. Today I also got my haircut, packed, and said bye to more people, taking pictures with them before leaving. It was actually a late night.


Today we got up super early in the morning to come into Rivera. We hung out, I bought some souveniers (fake jerseys, throwing knives, brass knuckles, and a ninja star haha, reales (Brazilian currency), and that's it. We ate lunch at a buffet with quite a few other missionaries, and then we came to the cyber. Wow I don't have much time to explain detials today. My bus leaves Rivera in 45 minutes and I gotta go back to the house to get my suitcases and everything.


Something super funny is on the news, there was all this stuff about how it hit like -4 degrees and how car windshields were frosted and stuff. It was rediculous haha.

Can you send me a $5 bill in my next letter or package? Elder Rodriguez wants a Canadian bill, and since 5 bucks is the smallest one, he asked me to send him one, which I said I would.

Dulce de leche is generally eaten on bread stuff, especially between layers of cake. It's also good with fruit (like apples, tastes like carmeled apples). It goes with a lot of desserts too, and you can eat it with all sorts of stuff, I've even eated it on canned peaches. It's SUPER GOOD with chocolate pudding.

And yeah, alfajores are super good. They're easier to buy than a chocolate bar as it's not like pure chocolate, but it's just as satisfying haha.

But yeah, I'm totally out of time today. I've got a bus to catch. Thanks for everything, I'm glad that my package made it. Oh, I took out like 100 bucks today to buy souveniers from my checking account, so yeah, that was me.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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