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Letter #78 - July 18, 2011

Hey Mom,

Okay, I'll first fill you in on what happened this week,


Alright so after the cyber, my comp and I went shopping for stuff for our house that we didn't have. We bought a can opener for sure, but I can't really remember anything else haha. After that, I had my meeting with the zone leaders, which we always do after our PDay. It was pretty good, they just transmit stuff to us that we have to transmit to our district. Afterwards we went to this lady who has a husband who was baptized a long time ago but is innactive. He doesn't sit with us in the lessons, apparently he doesn't like us. Something super funny happend though. So this 10 year old kids comes in from the back where the dad was, sits down on the couch, and after a while tells us he has a question. He asks: "If God is perfect, and he created us, why do people do imperfect things." I answered it probably a lot better than he thought, and then I asked him who told him to ask us that haha. Like this 10 year old kid thought of that. It was obviously transmitted from his under-educated, faith-lacking dad who was sitting out in the back of the house thinking he could stump us. Nope. Not today.


Today we had our district meeting, so in my morning study time I presented something that I wanted to talk to my district about. I decided to talk about working with members and the importance of having a good relationship with them. For lunch, I got a milanesa (basically a breaded chicken breast) on bread and fries. Afterwards, we only had one lesson that really stuck out. It was with this lady who even though she listens to us, it's mostly her daughter that we teach, but she wasn't there in the moment. She appeared nice and seemed like someone that we could help (had questions, etc.), but as time went on, I came to the conclusion that she was a very, very, lazy person. So, nothing we can do there haha.


Today we spent most of our day inviting people to our baptism that we're gonna have on Friday. So, we went by a lot of member's houses, spent a little bit of time with them, and then left after inviting them. It seemed good. We managed to help two members in just the morning with things that they needed. One had a computer problem, wanting to know how to put text over a picture in a word document (copy it, paste it in paint, add the letters, copy that, paste that back to Word). I think my 2 minute demonstration saved her hours of trouble (she didn't know about paint haha). Also, our first councilor in our ward wanted a priesthood blessing as he was kinda sick, so we also did that. Today we had a lesson with this lady who I'd never met before, and we basically just explained with her how church is, as she had a lot of questions. Maybe it's just because I didn't ever notice how churches are up in Canada, but to me it seems like there's a lot of weird churches here. So, even though this lady had been taught a ton of doctrine and information, her uncertainty and questions about church keeped her from doing anything. I think that's something we don't do well as misionaries some times: see stuff from other people's perspective. We also went to the Gimeno family in the night, who's the large family that E' Smith and Barker baptized. I really like them, I think that they're a lot of fun. The mom actually in some ways reminds me of you, although she's more dramatic, controlling, and crazy haha. She (and her kids) are a lof of fun to talk to though.


Today my comp and I went to this older couple that I wanted to go by. The reasons are because he was the old Bishop of the ward, they don't really go to church anymore, and E' Smith basically got in a fight with them, and I wanted to see if I could do any better. We only talked to the lady in the family, and E' Smith had to talk to the guy too (who E' Barker told me is even worse than she is), but it was extremely difficult to not say some things that came to mind. I basically had to listen to excuses for an hour from a lady who is now trying to do the bare minimum, and convince herself that she's not in the wrong. She said that as missionaries we don't understand people's situations, because we're often new, and we don't know what's going on with her, her situation, and the ward. That's a a lie. Everyone tells us everything, and if she wants to call 'knowing and expecting the universal standards of the church and not excepting excuses' not understanding her situation, then whatever. I made it out without saying anything though haha. We also had a lesson with Walter, this other baptism of E' Smith and Barker. He's a super cool and fun guy, and seems like he has a pretty strong testimony too. I see a problem in that he's too dependant on the missionaries, as he seems pretty lonely (lives by himself), but he's a lot of fun and likes messing around.


Today we did planning, so that took us most of our day. Afterwards, Enrique had his baptisimal interview, so we went to the church so that he could do that. Since I'm the district leader, and district leaders normally do the interviews, the zone leaders did this one. Everything went fine though. Today is also the day that we normally play soccer, but it didn't happen as it was raining, so that really sucked. It's not particularily fun walking around and working in the rain either, but we did and managed to talk to a couple people.


Today in the morning we had a pretty good lesson with this lady who's gone to church and loves the missionaries, but thinks that we change too quick and doesn't like how she can't form good friendships as we leave and another comes in right after. Also, the times that she went to church, there was a particularily low attendance, so she felt uncomfortable and didn't really like it. I'd like to give her another shot though. I should be here a couple months, and our church attendence isn't bad, so I think that it could work out. Today we also had Enrique's baptism, so that was pretty exciting. There was a couple things that didn't go so well though. I always like to be the one who fills the font, as I always know that the temperature is good, and that there's enough. However, someone oftered to do it, so I delegated the responsibility to him. Unfortunately, even though the font started to get filled on time, to maintain the water in the font, one valve in this certain place had to be turned to the right, and the other down. They were both right, and so water was slowly leaving as it was filling up. While there was enough to do the baptism, it was definitely a close call. Secondly, nobody really showed up. There was a bit of confusion though, as I know that some people showed up at 3:30 (baptism at 5) to do cleaning, and then were just gonna stay for the baptism. But, since there wasn't cleaning and the chapel was closed, instead of waiting for an hour and a half, people just left. So that kind of made it a little harder. However, he was happy, nothing really bad happened, and afterwards, it was all good. In the evening, we went to a cyber and made invitations for a ward activity that we're gonna have next Saturday. I would wait to do it on PDay, but I wanted to do them before Sunday so we wouldn't have to waste hours going to members houses to give them out. Also, tonight Uruguay played against Argentina in the Copa America. The winner moved on to the quarter finals. We were making the invitations, but there was most of the seecond half left when we finished them. The mom in the Gimeno family invited us to her house to watch the game (we ate lunch with her), so we just went there. Since it'd be finishing close to 9, she offered to take us home in her car afterwards. Anyways, after the end of normal time, it was tied. There ended up being two halfs of an overtime, and then penalty shots. We ended up getting home a little late. Even though we didn't watch the whole thing (I really would have liked to), we stayed for longer than we should have. We did find out that Uruguay won though as there was fireworks for a bit, and then horns honking and people shouting for the next hour or so haha. Oh, at their house I helped one of the girls prepare a talk for Primary. I was typing something for her out of a book, and I was doing it without looking. Everyone was so amazed haha. But about the game, I was so happy that we won, considering David and Alex are in Argentina haha. Woo, my mission country is better!


Today we had church, and today there was like 40 people there. Last week I think that we had like 30, so it was an improvement. Also, since Enrique got baptized yesterday, we had his confirmation today, which I did. I actually spoke pretty good Spanish. We also had a couple of lessons. One was with this innactive family, who everyone in the ward talks about. It's not really our job to reactivate them, but I think our two lessons that we've had really helped. Our last lesson was with this super awesome lady in the ward, who I discovered is super funny. She has a naustic (whatever that is) husband, and a son with down syndrom (who's actually quite sharp). I really enjoyed her company.


Today in the morning we went to this breakfast buffet place. The name is kind of decieving though, because there's no pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns or anything. There's bizcochos (little pastry things), fruit salad, a ham try, juice, yogurt, and I think that's it haha. It was expensive, but pretty good anyways. After that, we went to the church to play soccer. We're not allowed to play as a zone very often, but today we did. We played for a couple hours, and then we came to the cyber, where I am now.

Other stuff,

So last week we had a lesson with this guy who I totally forgot to mention. I don't remember specifics, but the jist of it is he's crazy. One of the first things that he said is he knows why we're here, which is apparently to rob Uruguay and all it's riches. I don't remember anything else specific that he said other than our heart actually is in the centre of our chest (the whole thing about it being slightly to the left -even though you can fill it there, which I mentioned- is a lie) and he just had a bunch of weird theories. Super funny guy though.

To your letter,

Okay food... hmmm... definitely a lot of Kool-Aid. The stuff for smores is pretty bulky, but if you send me jerky, gummy candies, or even some chocolate bars (been a while since I've eaten those... sned me anything (eatmores, butterfinger, reeses)), I'd definitely eat them. 20 pens should be enough.

But, I have to go, my time is up. Thanks for the email, the future package, and everything that you do for me.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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