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Letter #79 - July 25, 2011

Hey Mom,

Okay, well here's what happened in my week.


Today after our PDay, I had my meeting as normal with the zone leaders and the other district leader. They mentioned some stuff that they had been told at Zone Leader Conference, but that was pretty much it. Since my comp went out to work with the other district leaders comp while I was in the meeting, I went out to work with Elder Torres afterwards. It was kinda fun, we just did a bit of work for like an hour or so.


Today we had our district meeting, and today I talked about how we need to work effectivily, and making sure our efforts are spent in worthwhile purposes. They kind of modified the way that we do district meetings, so I had a little less time than I had planned on haha. Today we did a lot of contacting, as we haven't been very good at that lately. We talked with a lot of people who said that we could come back to them, so hopefully we have some results from that. We had one lesson that was pretty interesting today, with this lady who was married in the temple years ago, they were always active in the church, he was the Bishop and she was the Stake Relief Society president (or something big like that) but for whatever reason, they had a lot of home problems, they split up, she felt uncomfortable at church, and she and her kids stopped going. Like wow, that's a pretty intense story. I didn't really know what to tell them for the most part, but I think we were able to help her out anyways.


Today in the morning we had our interviews with President. It's the first time that we've had interviews in a while. I was one of the first, and then my comp and I stayed around for some other presentations after that I had to be in, where we talked about working better and stuff. It was pretty good. In my interview, he asked about our area, how things were going in our ward, our investigators, how much success we were having, and just stuff like that. I mentioned to him that I needed to take the ACT test, and he said that he would help me make arrangements to be able to do it, although at the time I didn't have specifics. In the evening, we had our ward council meeting, which went really good. There's a lot of people who are willing to help, which is really quite nice. I think our Bishop is also doing his job, and we prepared a list for him of a lot of the work that we had done lately, so I think he enjoyed that.


Today I did divisions with one of the companionships in my district. I went to Central, to be with E' Flemming. He's an Elder that I met in Rivera for the first time I think, who's a super super super good piano player. So, I worked with him in his area for the day, and his companion came to my area to work with him. We had a couple pretty cool experiences. Something kind of funny that I think I accidently did was get this guy who had stopped going to his other church to go back. That wasn't really where I was trying to go with it, but he kind of directed my energy and applied it in his own way haha.


Today we had planning, so that's what we did basically all afternoon after working in the morning and then eating lunch. We also had a ward activity tonight, where we had the 'dessert night' like I did in Vichadero. It's the activity where everyone brings a dessert to share, and then everyone presents them and eats them. I made the hotfudge cake again, which despite being really good doesn't have the best presentation value. I have to figure out how to make it look better haha, as I don't think people initially want to try it haha. We had a pretty good turnout. We had quite a few larger families there compared to Vichadero, so there was a smaller dessert per person ratio than last time, although that's really not the important part. Today is also the night that we normally play soccer with the other missionaries and the neighborhood kids. Since we share a chapel, my comp and I went outside after all the presenting stuff and everything and went and played soccer. I felt kind of bad though, when I discovered that when soccer was over and we went back inside that everyone had left haha.


Today in the morning, my comp and I went by a couple ex-investigators, but we didn't end up with any lessons. It's hard trying to just randomly find people in their house. For lunch, we didn't have it with a member, but I made a super good lunch for myself. I made a pizza with breaded chicken breast, ham, and grilled onions and peppers on it. I bought real mozza cheese and everything, so it all turned out good haha. It was quite expensive, but I enjoyed it. Today we went back to some of the contacts that we had done on Tuesday, in hopes of getting ourselves some new investigators. At this one house that we went to, the people let us in instantly. As the conversation went on, I unfortunately found out that they were already all baptized members, but were just innactive. Ughh!


Today was Sunday, so we had our church in the morning. We had an even better attendance than last week, so that was pretty good. My comp and I and the ward mission leader talked today in Sacrament meeting about missionary work, so I had prepared my talk earlier in the week. There was a total of 3 people that were there who aren't members, although their stories and situations are pretty long. Our ward is doing super good. There's such a good atmosphere at church, people want to be there and work, and it's overall just good. More and more people come each week and it really feels like we're on the upswing. I think a new Bishop really helps. Today was also the final game in the Copa America (South American soccer tournament) so that was a huge deal. We played against Paraguay, and won 3-0. So, the whole town was crazy for the rest of the night. I think my favorite win was against Argentina though, as the tournament was held there, they were the favorites, their country is way bigger than ours, and David and Alex are serving their missions there (Tomen pichy comens, nosotros ganamos =p). We watched the game with the Gimeno family, who I think are totally awesome.


Today was our PDay, and in the morning we just hung out at the house until we went to the Zone Leaders house for a district activity. We cooked fajitas, so we cooked up some marinating meat and had some cooked peppers and stuff and put that on tortilla shells. It was super, super good. After that, my comp got a haircut and then we came to the cyber.

But yeah, I guess that's my weekly email. Thanks for everything you do.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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