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Letter #80 - August 1, 2011

Hey Mom,

Well, this is what happened in my week,


Well today after our PDay, I had my meeting with the zone leaders, so that was normal as always. Also, afterwards I worked with Elder Torres again, and we just had one lesson with an investigator of his, as we didn't have much time to work.


Today we had our district meeting in the morning, and I talked about the importance of finding new people, as we didn't do very good on that this last week. I also ordered a pizza for lunch, as it's one of the few things from that restaurant that I haven't tried yet. It was good, but kind of expensive but it also gave me leftovers to keep in the fridge haha. On Sunday, there was this couple who went to church that I mentioned, and he's not a member. Anyways, today we had a lady from the ward show us where they live, and thankfully they were home. Apparently that's not very common, so we were lucky to find them. We talked with them for a tiny little bit, but they didn't have hardly any time, so we'll have to go back.


Today was the day that I hit my one year and six month mark in the mission. I bet none of you even realized it. I only got six months (1/4) of my mission left. That blows my mind, as time is going by super fast. Today to celebrate, we went to a super nice (and kidna expensive bakery), and I bought myself bizchochos for breakfast. Today we also had a super good lesson. We talked with this younger couple who after living in a little town outside of Paysandú graduated a couple years ago and now live together. Anyways, it was probably the best lesson that I've had in a very long time, I was so happy for several hours haha. Today we ate lunch with the Gimeno family, who is the big family that Elder Smith and Barker found a couple changes ago. After eating lunch with them, we did a bit of 'service'. We helped one of them with their English homework, and then we helped the mom on the computer as she wanted to make basically these business type card things for someone that she visit teaches. I don't know, overall it was just a fantastic day, as we had a couple other good lessons and everything. It was a good year and a half day haha.


Today we had to drop off our clothes to get washed, as it's been a while since we've done that. The lady who washes our clothes has a washing machine, but it broke, and she hasn't been able to afford to fix it yet. It's wierd to think that washing machines are kind of a luxery here. I don't even think I've seen a dryer. I felt kind of bad, so I think that for the meantime, we'll ask someone else to wash our clothes until she can fix her washing machine. Some poor Uruguayan lady has been washing my clothes by hand the past couple days and I feel bad haha. Today we also had a really good lesson, where we found this lady who used to listen to the missionaries not that long ago. She went to church and everything, but she had an operation and I don't think that the missionaries found her again for a while and then just stopped going to her. But, we found her today and had a really good lesson too. We had a lot of good lessons these last two days.


Today I woke up not feeling too great, and as the morning went on, it got more and more apperant that I was sick. I lasted the morning, but at lunch I only ate one plate of food, and when we went back to the house to do planning, I laid down for a bit as I really wasn't feeling good. We did do planning though for a couple hours in the afternoon and then I had to lay down again. I was supposed to have a baptisimal interview (as a district leader) for two people with a scheduled baptism on Saturday. I was thinking of calling the zone leaders and just asking them to do it, but after laying down for a couple hours, I decided that I could do it. Today is also the day that we play soccer in the evening, and we had planned to do that, but I knew that I wouldn't be playing, so I didn't even bring my clothes to change. I had the interviews (for a lady and her son), and then we watched soccer for a little bit but it was already late so after a bit we just went back to the house and I went basically straight to bed.


Today I guess the highlight of the day was that the lady and her son that I had talked to the day before got baptized today, so we went to that to support them. I also led the music. It was pretty good, I think everything went well. That was basically the highlight of the day I guess. The baptism was pretty special, as that area hadn't had a baptism in a while, so I know that they were happy.


Today we had our church in the morning. This week, there was even more people than last week, which was impressive. I think we actually broke 50, if you include everyone. Today we also ate lunch with this guy who got baptized like a year ago. He's this super cool guy, who had to get operated on from something he had, so he doesn't have like any fingers. Anyways, I really enjoyed talking to him. I think that's something that I've learned to appreciate more in the mission as time has gone on, just listening to members and people talk about stuff. Before I was like 'teach teach teach' but now I'm more like 'this is a super cool person, I like what they have to say'. So I enjoyed his company. We also had a lesson today where we found these two brothers, who's parents used to listen to the missionaries a couple years ago. We had a pretty good lesson with them as well.


Today in the morning we went to the church and played soccer with some other Elders and a couple members of the church too. Both are 18 year old guys, one in our ward, and one in a different one. We only got to play for like an hour though, as it started to rain. Afterwards, my comp showed me some stuff on the piano. I'm trying to learn stuff like chords and keys and stuff, as there's this one Elder who's so rediculously good at not only playing, but theory, so he can just sit down and play whatever he wants that he wants to make up or that he's heard without ever looking at music. I don't get it. I'd like to learn a bit about the piano after. That was it, then we just came to the cyber.

Anyways, thanks for all that you do. Thanks for the email. I had recorded a little voice recording for all of you guys, but it didn't let me uploaded it for some reason. I'll have to play around next week.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

Anyways, I guess that's it. Thanks for everything.

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