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Letter #81 - August 8, 2011

Hey Mom,

Well, here's my weekly update,


Well today we had my weekly meeting with the zone leaders, so we did that after our PDay ended. It was raining pretty hard today, so I tried to drag on the meeting for as long as possible haha. The meeting was good, but nothing special. My comp was going to go and do contacts, but I told him to do anything else possible. I actually think that contacts in the rain is counter productive. So, he went to a member's house and then one of some less active people. After the meeting, E' Torres and I went to the cyber to make a page for a meeting that we're going to have on Wednesday with the Bishops. That's all we did today.


Today was Tuesday, so we had our district meeting in the morning. Today I talked about how to help people come to church. How to invite them, etc. etc. Today I also got a letter from the Savard family, so that was pretty exciting. I need to respond to them in the near future. Today, one of our lessons was with this inactive couple. It was extremely frustrating... they're prideful, contradictory, critical, self-righteous, etc. Not that I'm a perfect person either, but it was once again hard to keep quiet. It was just like a lesson with this other couple that we had a couple weeks ago. Super frustrating.


Today we ate lunch with the Gimeno family, and since Marcelo (the dad who's not a member) said that he'd talk to us the next time he had time, we took advantage of the opportunity, and talked to him a little bit before lunch. We mostly talked about The Plan of Salvation, faith, and prophets. We finally started with him, I think that it went well. Today we also had a lesson with the group of brothers that we've started talking to. It was good, we talked to one new brother today. And finally, in the evening, we had our lesson with the Bishops. Us three district leaders went in and met with all of the Bishops (or a representative) from each ward. There was the Stake President, like six Bishops, a couple others (councilors?), and us three. Since the zone leaders couldn't be there, they had me record what got said on my voice recorder, so I used that haha. I just put it on the table and we started. I was pretty disappointed that our Bishop didn't show up, but our 1st councilor was there. We basically asked and talked about three questions with them. We asked what they want from their missionaries, how we can serve them better, and how we can get better references. We were originally only going to take about 15 minutes, but it ended up being like 40-45. I notice that happens a lot. It was good though, I enjoyed having a meeting like that with all of them.


Today in the afternoon, we had a house check. There's a senior missionary couple in our mission who's basically in charge of housing (the other one works in the offices), so they came to our house this afternoon. I was kinda dreading it, but not because our house was bad. When I lived in Salto, I remember that our house was really quite nice, and definitely a huge improvement from when I moved into it, yet they were pretty critical and just ripped it apart. In Vichadero, they didn't inspect our house as we're so far away, and this one seemed like it'd be about the same as Salto. Our house isn't bad, but it's not really nice either and despite being clean, it had some wear on it. However, they seemed to be okay with it for the most part, and only told us to do a couple things. That was a relief. We also had our ward council meeting tonight, so I prepared a really detailed progress report (where we write about all of our investigators, recent converts, and less actives) and made a couple of photocopies. I realized in the meeting with the Bishops that members actually are quite willing to help us, we just don't ask for it or really do our part. And since our ward is really going on an upswing, I did the progress report well so that they'd see that we're working and everything. It went well, they're all informed now and I think we're getting to start working with the ward better.


Today was a pretty average, normal Friday. In the morning I think we had a lesson, then we ate lunch, and then we came back to the house to plan. After planning, we had soccer in the night. My team had a bunch of little kids, but a few extras, and I was the only one over the age of like 12 (the average player was like 16) other than our goalie (who was another missionary). It was so frustrating. I basically played defence against the whole other team, while all the little kids just cherry-picked and waited for the ball to come to them. My team did consist of members and their friends though, so I basically had to do it. I kinda got mad though, as we lost a couple of games pretty hard, but I hope I didn't offend any of them haha.


Today was a really good day, in that something that we've been waiting for forever finally happened. There's this lady who comes to church with her kids, who had a husband in prison for something his minor son from another woman did. She's been wanting to get baptized, but has to get married first, and wants to get baptized with her husband. Well today, he unexpectedly got out of prison. Actually, he got out a few days ago, but today was the first day that we met him. I tried really hard to make a good impression, so that he didn't like freak out by all of it. He showed up basically the exact same time that we had to go to lunch, but we did spend a little bit of time with him. I think it went well. We also had a lesson with the family of brothers, and this lesson was kinda weird. There was this neighbor guy who was in the lesson, who tried to intellectually question what we were saying. I was able to answer everything, and soon discovered that instead of being smart and intimidating, he was just crazy. He asked us what we'd say if he told us that he could see spirits right then. I told him I'd think he was mentally ill. He also asked what we'd think if he could look into our eyes and read our minds. I said that he had a gift (aka demon possessed, crazy, with a brain fried from drugs, high, mentally sick, etc.). He said that he doesn't think it's a gift, but something about how it has to do with his intellectual superiority. I held in the laugh, but couldn't help smiling. It was just weird. I'm not really sure what to think of it all, but he definitely wasn't a healthy, normal human being. We also had another experience that was pretty interesting. We went to the Gimeno family again tonight to invite all of them to church, and today when we walked in, Lucrecia (the oldest daughter, 17) was on Facebook, being doctrinally attacked by an Evangelical Facebook friend. She didn't really know what to do, and he kept throwing her all this crap about our church. I wasn't exactly happy, so I started telling her what to say, and what scriptures to use. He clued in pretty fast that someone else had showed up, as her knowledge of the Bible just mutiplied like 50,000x. He was actually quite knowledgable, so it was a fun challenge, but he was unable to say anything that I didn't know how to defend. Thank you 'Day of Defence' and personal study time spent on the Bible. It was super unproductive, and it actually went on for like an hour. I kept trying to end it, but he just threw out something else. Finally, it did end (I don't actually remember how), but I did know that I got the last word in. With the family, we had a short lesson on faith, but she wasn't there (she left without saying to where or why first), so I'm writing out something for her. I hate that people give them crap. They're new, don't know to defend themselves (espeically when scripture references are thrown in), and it's not what they need. So, I'm doing something about it haha.


Today was Sunday, and fast and testimony meeting. Today there was 46 people in church (only a few less than last week), with 6 of them being investigators, which is one of my best in the mission. I was actually expecting more. Today, work was really slow, but we did deliver a letter that's been in our house forever (we didn't know where the guy lived so I called the missionary who wrote it) to the kid it was intended for. We then had a lesson with him and his mom, who were both nice.


Today we haven't really done anything. In the morning we studied, I made Jello and chocolate chip cookies, and did some random stuff like dishes and whatnot. After that we just came to the cyber.

Anyways, I guess that's it. Thanks for your email and all you do. I hope you had fun in Vegas!

Love ya,

Elder Fikus

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