Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letter #82 - August 16, 2011

Hey mom,

Well, I'll start with my week,


Today after going to the cyber, we went to a place so that I could get my haircut, as it was getting to be way too long since I had had one. Then we had our meeting as usual, which was the last one of this change, and then we went out to work. Our meeting took a little too long, so we didn't really have time to go to any of the people that we were going to go to, but we did walk around a little and look for a house to rent in, as my comp and I are kinda looking for a new house. We found a couple things, and jotted down some real estate places, so that was it for today.


Today we had our last district meeting of this change. Today I talked about the importance of sharing our testimonies, and we all shared our testimonies. Today I also got my package! =D Wooooooooooo! I've discovered that there are few feelings as good in this world as receiving a package as a missionary haha. It came really quick, so I totally wasn't expecting it either. Thank you! Anyways, today I started to do divisions with E' McRae, who's one of the zone leaders here. He came to my area, and we worked here. We had a couple really good lessons. One in particular was with this ex-investigator, who didn't know that baptism was a commandment, just something that we do haha. It's kinda funny because he's been taught like a billion times but for some reason that never got mentioned haha.


Today I was still on divisions, so I was with E' McRae for the whole day again. It was kinda difficult, as I don't know the area that well, but we managed. Today we ate lunch with the Gimeno family, which Elder McRae was looking forward to. She has a car, and since we did a service project after, she drove us to that. The person that we did service for is her visiting teaching companion, so she wanted to go there anyways. At service, we basically helped someone start to build a house. They're going to make theirs bigger, so what we did was help them prepare stuff to do some cement work. It was kind of fun, I learned the process of building a house here a little better, so that was kinda cool. We had a lesson with an innactive couple in the evening, and they told us that they want to start coming back to church. Why they stopped? They got offended by the frustrating couple that I mentioned last week. Sigh... haha.


Today we went and did a lot of teaching for Lucia, as she got baptized on Saturday. Anyways, we were a little behind so we had a lot to teach, but she's pretty smart so she remembered it all. We also had a meeting with our ward mission leader, Gianfranco, to plan the baptism and some people. It was good, as we haven't had a meeting with him this whole change, and it's important to work with ward leaders.


Today we didn't do planning, as we didn't really have time. In the morning we went to some more real estate places to look what houses they had for rent. Today we also had to do some baptisimal interviews. As the district leader, I did one for the zone leaders, as they have a baptism on Saturday too. They also did one for Lucia, our baptism. I don't really like the word 'interview' haha, but I don't know what else to call it. Both of them went fine. I enjoy doing interviews. After them, we had soccer in the evening, and there was a huge turnout. Since there's like 30 kids, we just make everyone make their own team, as there's no way that we could have control of that. The first team that played was this super cocky team of old guys who thought that they'd keep winning and winning and winning and just keep playing. We made a rule that you could only win two games in a row and then even if you won you had to go off, so that the other teams didn't have to wait forever. They didn't like that, but we (a team of missionaries) played against them first. They got the first goal, but before the five minutes were up, we scored. Since we tied, we both left so that two new teams could come on. Since they didn't keep playing (as they thought they would), they all left and went to some other field to play. Haha. After complaining that they couldn't keep winning and winning, they didn't even win once.


Today was Saturday, and today we had another baptism. Lucia got baptized today. The primary had this practise thing at 3 with their parents, so we scheduled to have the baptism at 4, since there'd be a lot of people already there, who could just stay for the baptism. The whole font thing was kind of a mess, because despite us starting to fill it up way on time, there drain doesn't close completely and there's a small, continuous leak. Anyways, long story short, despite doing everything possible, the water was still pretty chilly haha. She asked me to baptize her, so I thought that was cool.


Today was sunday, and we had 47 people in church, which seems to be our average now. Lucia had her confirmation, and the bishop made my comp do it. Had he asked if he wanted to do it, he probably wouldn't have felt confident enough, but I don't think the bishop really let him decide haha. After church today, we finally had time to plan for next week, so that took up most of the day.


Today in the morning, President Heaton called me looking for another missionary. Since he was talking to me anyways, he told me my change. I'm going to be training next change, which means that Elder Barker's leaving. So, we spent most of the day saying bye to people. We went to mostly recent converts, and we had a couple lessons through the day too. I let Elder Barker do whatever he wanted, since he was the one leaving. So that's what we spent most of the day doing.


Today is our PDay, as tonight is changes. We came to the cyber in the morning today. We were going to play soccer, but it's raining super hard. While I was typing my email out, a moto that was parked outside tipped over from all the water running down the street. That's all we've done today as it's not even noon yet.

To your email,

Okay, bizcochos are little pastry things that are a breakfast food. I did a google image search but it showed like cakes, which they're not here at all. I take a picture of some.

Anyways, thanks for the email. My next one may be a little shorter as I'll try to be more obedient with my new greeny and spend less time at the cyber haha. But thanks for everything you do, I enjoy getting and reading your email.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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