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Letter #83 - August 22, 2011

Hey Mom,

Here's the update on my week.


Well today was our PDay, and after we were at the cyber, a bunch of us went to a restaurant to eat lunch together. After that, Elder Barker basically had to pack and everything, and get ready to leave. We also went to one of his converts that we didn't go to yesterday, and said bye to him. While my comp was packing, I took advantage of the time to do the ACT test that I had printed off. It also had a way to score myself and everything. I ended up with a 30, although I did take a couple minutes too long on each of the sections. That's not genius level, but it's pretty good. My worst section was English (thank you learning Spanish), and I forgot how to do a couple of the more complicated things on the math section (like that two vertical lines is the absolute value of something), but I really did fine. I really wish I had taken it right out of highschool, and not three years later, but I think I'll do fine. At least I'm familiar with it now haha.


Today I left the bus terminal at 2:00 in the morning to go down to Montevideo to get my new comp. I slept the whole way haha. In the morning when we got there, we had a little presentation thing, and then we got to meet our companions. My kid's name is Elder Bryant, and he's from Cincinati Ohio. He's really cool, and we get along good. He also took Spanish for four years in highschool, so he speaks pretty good (probably where I was after like 4-6 months or so). We ate lunch together, and then they took us from President's house to the terminal. We dropped off our suitcases and then we walked around the city for a couple of hours talking to people while we waited to take our bus back to Paysandu. It was fun, and despite being in a super urban part of the city, we actually talked to a couple good people. After that, we just came back, arriving kind of late in the night.


Today started with district meeting, and I'm a district leader again. I prepared something about finding, teaching, and then commiting, with the latter being the focus. It went well. Today for work we managed to have four lessons, although none of them were fantastic. I mostly started taking Elder Bryant to the investigators that we have and the people that we already know.


Today in the morning we went to a couple people to try to have a lesson, but nobody was home. So, we went to lunch and then came back to plan for the week. It was good, because it gave me time to talk about all of the people that we're teaching, and explain what we're doing with all of them. To end the day, we played soccer again. It was freezing cold tonight, so we didn't hardly have anyone show up. We only had like 18 kids, where we normally have like twice that haha. I didn't feel like I played good, so I was kinda disapointed after. Usually after soccer, I get my 'fill', feel great, and am happy. I left kinda discouraged and upset, even though I played fine. I think I'm getting too competitive haha, or I don't know. Our team even won probably more than any other, so I don't know what's wrong with me haha.


Today we had a pretty critical day, as Saturday is always the day that we invite all of our investigators to church. We had a couple pretty interesting experiences. One that we had was with the group of brothers that we're teaching. We only got to talk to one of them, as the rest were working in like this bakery they got. They were making these things called 'pasteles', which are basically like deep-fried desert things. Anyways, they were making like 3000 of them, and I got to see the unsanitary working environment, and the reason that they discouraged us from buying food like that. They were like dropping stuff on the floor, smoking, and licking their fingers haha. It was pretty interesting though, they had a big group, so they were making them super fast. Also, we had another lesson today with this guy named Miguel, who's an ex-investigator. He's super nice and funny. We didn't have much time to teach him, but we did invite him to church and set another time to come by to explain stuff to him, as it's been a lot of time since's he's heard the missionaries. We also went to the Gimenos again in the night to try to invite the dad to church again. I really want to get him to church.


Today we had our church in the morning. When it started, there was no invesitagors there. However, Miguel showed up with one of his kids, as well as another family who always comes (he just needs to wait for his divorce papers and then can get married and baptized). That made me pretty excited. We also had like 45-50 people in church again, so it seems like we're staying around there for now. Today, the Bishop's wife brought us lunch to church (as they live waaaaaaaaaay far out), and she also took our dirty clothes to wash them. It was really nice of her. Anyways, after church we had to do our studies (as a trainer there's a little bit extra that we have to do), and then we did a bit of work. We spent a good portion just doing contacts and talking to people, as we haven't done that in a while.


Today was our PDay, and in the morning we played soccer as a zone. I played good, and for some reason felt good after it haha. So, I got my 'fill' for a little bit. After that we just came to the cyber, where I am now.

Anyways, that's all I got time for. Thanks for the email and all you do. I hope you have a great week.

Love you mom,

Elder Fikus

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