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Letter #84 - August 29, 2011

Hey Mom,

Here's my week update:


Today after going to the cyber my comp and I just went back to the house and hung out. I had my meeting afterwards, and then I went out to work with the other district leader for the remaining time in the day. We just had time for one lesson, and we went to Miguel (the guy who came to church). It was a short but good lesson.


Today we had our district meeting in the morning. I talked about teaching well and The Book of Mormon. Today I also got my trunky papers, which are this form that I have to fill out so that the church can buy my plane ticket home. It's crazy to think that that's coming up somewhat soon, and that I'm one of the older missionaries in the mission. Today we had a couple lessons, and went to the family of brothers for one of them. They told us that they want us to go by them Sunday morning before church to walk with them, so we'll be doing that. We also had our ward council meeting, which went really good as always; we have such a good ward.


Today I was pretty sick. I started feeling sick the night before but today I woke up even worse. I just had a sore throat and fever and all that fun stuff. Today was also kinda tough as we had a lot of people that weren't home that we went by. We did have a pretty interesting lesson though, with this couple that I went by last change with Elder Barker. They're apostates: prideful, critical, hypocrits, etc. I told my comp that it's not worth going by them, that we'll just lose the spirit and they're the only people who can help themselves. He insisted, and I agreed just going once so he could see. After a while of listening to them complain, my comp said that we weren't there to talk bad about anyone and we left haha. It was pretty interesting (as last time). Good ol' personal apostasy. We also went by Miguel again tonight, and talked to him about the restoration. He had had quite a few questions about all of it, and tonight we scheduled enough time to be able to teach him it in detail. He understood and it made sense and everything, so I think we answered a lot of questions.


Today in the evening we went out with our ward mission leader, Gianfranco (our Bishop's son). We managed to have a couple lessons with him, even though a couple of people that we went by weren't home. We went to Enrique, the guy that got baptized not that long ago; Franco, one of the brothers that we're teaching in that family and had a good lesson with him; and the Gimeno family, where we talked about eternal families. That last lesson was especially spiritual, and went really well. It was good going out to work with him. He's going to serve a mission in the near future, and that was actually the first time that we've worked with him since I've gotten here.


Today we had our week planning, so that took up a good portion of the day. Other than that, we had soccer in the night. Today I didn't play though, as I still wasn't feeling well. I hate watching and wanting to play haha. I did play goalie for a couple games though, so I did enjoy that at least haha.


Today we had a good finding lesson, where we went back to this lady that we had talked to a couple days before. She let us in, and we talked to her, her daughter, and her grandaughter. Today we also went with this guy in our ward to go to Miguel, but he wasn't home. So, we decided to go by a couple other people. We ended up finding this guy that I didn't even know that existed that had a pretty interesting story. So I guess he was baptized like three years ago or something, but this was his story. Sometime not long ago, he decided to move to some other city to live with this girl (yeah, kinda an old guy that doesn't understand). So, he packed up all of his stuff and went. Anyways, it was all good at first, but then shortly after, she started drinking, smoking, stealing from him, and all this other stuff that caused all these problems. So, he decided to move back to Paysandu. So, he started selling all of his stuff to be able to afford a bus ticket back. I guess that just after he sold all his stuff (including his motorbike), she stole that money and basically kicked him out. I'm not sure how he ended making it back here, but he currently lives in an a house that's empty other than a single mattress. Women. Poor guy haha. Anyways, that really wasn't a lesson, but one that we did manage to have was with Andrea, who we used to have a lot of lessons with until her husband got out of jail and she started working a ton. She said that they'd go to church.


Well, based on how the week had gone, I was expecting to have quite a few people in church. Like we said that we would, we went by the brothers' house nice and early to get them for church like we'd said. We both got up at 6:30 (as always) and got ready quick so that we could leave the house at 7:30. We walked half an hour to their house and then knocked their door. We waited and waited, knocked, clapped, etc. They didn't come out. Then one of their friends showed up and we told him to get them, and he came back saying they were sleeping. We said that they had asked us to come by, and to tell them that we were waiting to go with them to church. I think he eventually stopped coming back outside to transmit messages for us. Then a daughter (like ten years old) of one of them came out and we did the same thing with her. She informed us that one of them was there (who the friend had told us wasn't- lie), and that they were all sleeping. After transmitting a couple messages between us, eventually she said they would be coming to church a little later. Anyways, so basically a gongshow like this happened for like an hour, and we finally went to church without anyone. Not only were we late, but I was also super not impressed. They had asked us to go by, and then didn't even have the courtesy to attend us. Our next lesson with them will be a little strong. Other than that, church was fine, and we had a pretty good attendance again. Andrea came like she said (her husband couldn't as he got called into work), but Miguel didn't this week, and a couple others didn't either. We also had a pretty slow working day (nobody was home or couldn't let us in at that moment), but we did have a lesson in the night.


Today we got up, studied, and then basically left the house. We really haven't done anything yet haha.

Anyways, that's it for this week. Thanks for all that you do. I enjoyed the update on everyone.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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