Monday, September 5, 2011

Letter #85 - September 5, 2011

Hey Mom,

Okay, I'll start out by talking about my week,


Today, nothing exciting happened. I had my weekly meeting after our PDay, but that was it.


Today we had our district meeting in the morning as usual. As the district leader, I decided to talk about finding and baptizing. After district meeting, I did divisions with this guy in my district. Divisions are when two missionaries basically switch spots for like a day. Supposedly it's so I can see how they're working and stuff, but I basically only did it because I had to. I guess I'm a creature of habit and don't really like the trade companions for the day haha. I was with a guy who is also really new in the mission, but unlike my companion, he didn't study it before the mission, so his ability is a little lower than my companion's. It was good though, he did fine, and we managed to have a couple lessons too.


Today we were still on divisions, and we had a couple lessons that would be worth mentioning. One was with this really nice younger couple that we've had a couple lessons with, but unfortunately, they basically told us that they didn't want to change or make any sort of commitment. We also had a lesson with this innacive teenage girl, and her non-member boyfriend. It was our first lesson with them and it went really well. Other than that, I guess something somewhat exciting that I could mention is that after eating lunch (with the Gimeno family - my favorites), they have a computer problem where there's no sound on their computer. I attempted to fix it after lunch for a little bit, but I unfortunately couldn't. I like fixing computer problems, but they always take longer than initially planned for, and as a missionary, it's not like I had time to just sit there and try to fix their computer all day haha.


Today I was back with Elder Bryant, after finishing divisions, and we had a lot of good lessons today as well. Today we went to this lady who was a reference of our bishop who went innactive some time ago but wants to start coming back to church, and eventually help her family come with her too. Today we went to her, she was super nice, and we set up a time to come back and talk with her family. We also had one with this people that we found last week (grandma, mom, and grandaughter), and we had a really good lesson with them too. Lastly, we went to Miguel, who came to church two weeks ago and talked with him a bit. We read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon, and I think it went really well.


Today my comp and I had to leave our house early (and miss quite a bit of study time) because there was two people who said that they wanted us to come by Friday morning, and it was the only time that they were available. One of them wasn't home, but fortuanately the other one was. I hate missing studies. After having that lesson, we went and got our dirty clothes from a family that washed them for us, and then we came back to the house to eat lunch and then to plan. Planning didn't take super long, so we tried going to a couple people before going to soccer. I'm still not feeling my greatest, but I did play soccer tonight. Thankfully, I didn't pay for it later haha.


Today we did service for a family in the ward that we ate lunch with. After eating lunch we changed clothes and then helped them build on this house extension that they're working on. So, we helped them for a couple hours which was fun. After that, we tried to have a couple important lessons to end the week before Sunday. One lesson we had to cut really short to run to another lesson that we had that was REALLY important. We actually ended up running a pretty long ways (with our heavy backpacks and all) to get to it. This one lady in our ward has this sister who decided with her husband that they want to start going to church and listen to the missionaries. Unfortunately (for us), this sister lives outside of our area, so we had to show the missionaries that work where this siter lives where our member lives as they had a family home evening tonight. If that was confusing, the family in our ward invited this other family to their house but we had to show these other missionaries where it was. We stayed for a bit, but then left to try to have a couple lessons. We did come back last thing though to eat as they had made pizza haha.


Today I was expecting to have quite a few investigators in church (as usual), but it unfortunately didn't happen. The only one that came was one of the brothers who lives in the house that we went to last Sunday to get them but they were all too tired to come to the door and attend us. We talked to him once during the week and he told us he'd come (not the first time), but this time actually did. Today we also had a couple good lessons, and we even had two first lessons. One was with with a lady that we've gone to a few times but she hadn't let us in yet, and this other was with some random guy that we talked to. We also went to the Gimenos', having a really good lesson with them, and Andrea, who we haven't had a lesson with in a long time.


Today in the morning we left the house pretty early to go to this breakfast buffet for the second time (not what you think, it's basically just bizcochos), and then played soccer together. We actually played for a long time, and since I'm basically feeling good, I played well too. After that we just came to the cyber.

To your letter,

You had asked what bizcochos are. Do an image search of 'facturas comida' and you'll basically see what they are. That's what they're called in Argentina.

Anyways, thanks for the letter as always. Thanks for all that you do for me too.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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