Monday, September 12, 2011

Letter #86 - September 12, 2011

Hey Mom,

Well, I'll start off by telling you about my week,


Today after going to the cyber, my comp and I just came back to the house, did our studies until we left, and then I went to my meeting. After it, I just went out to work, but nothing really happened.


Today for our district meeting I talked about our purpose as missionaries, and how to begin teaching. Today for lessons, we had one with Pablo, the guy who came to church. I was really quite happy that he came and we had a really good lesson with him today. We also had scheduled a family home evening with this lady who's inactive that we met last week. We had that with her today, and we taught the Plan of Salvation. Her kids didn't join us and her husband was kinda stubborn, but other than that it went well haha. She said that she'd go to church on Sunday.


Today I did divisions again, and this time an Elder named Elder Harrison came with me here in my area. We lost a lot of time today, as when we went to lunch the lady just gave us the meat that we had to take back to our house to cook. She had called another lady in our ward to call us, but we were at the other house doing the companion swap so we didn't get the phone call and everything. So when we went there, she gave us the food to take back to our house which was like a 40 minute walk away, so to do that, cook it, and come back, we lost a lot of time haha. Today we did have a pretty interesting lesson with Miguel though (came to church with his son two Sundays ago). Basically, I explained to him the apostasy, using his sacred Holy Bible and examples to show him what happened and what exactly it meant. It got pretty detailed, but he was pretty stubborn haha.


Today I was back with Elder Bryant again. Today we were out talking to people, and we found this one lady in her house who said that she used to listen to missionaries before and she has a sister who served a mission and another one who's LDS. Anyways, she rambled a ton and went to some 'universal' church and whatnot, and we ended up talking to her for quite a while. In the end, she accepted to read The Book of Mormon that we gave her. However, at the end of it all my comp said that he was frustrated for having wasted half an hour. I was blown away. Like this chick said that she'd read the Book of Mormon, and he was upset. Hm. We also had another lesson with Pablo today, and he's doing super good still. Something also kind of fun that we did was went to a member's house and cooked pancakes with them. They don't have pancakes here, so they invited us over to show them. We went over and did that for the last hour of the day. They turned out really good, and the member family loved them. If they only knew what they don't have here haha.


Today in the morning my comp and I went to the place where we pay rent (I forget what it's called in English), and we talked to the guy working there. I had lent him a DVD called 'Finding Happiness', which he watched, and invited him to church. He's actually had quite a bit of experience with missionaries, as we've been renting from him for quite a while. He wasn't super set on doing it, but he wasn't closed to the idea either. Other than that, we planned for the week (today being Friday), and had soccer, which went well. I don't feel like I played great, but my team wasn't fantastic either.


Today after leaving the house, my comp and I went to our first councilor's house (who we actually ate lunch with on Thursday). It's a super nice couple and they're in their 40s or 50s. We went to them because we heard that they were in a motorbike accident, and we wanted to see how they were doing and if we could do anything for them. When she answered the door, I was blown away. Her whole face was cut up and bruised and scabbed. She wasn't like deformed, but she looked like she'd got beat up pretty good. Her husband wasn't much better. They were wearing helmets, but not the kind that covers the whole face. Had they not been... I don't know. I guess they were beside a truck (on the left side), wanting to turn onto the highway. When the truck turned left to get on the highway, they followed, travelling beside the truck (on the wrong side of the road). They couldn't see to the right before turning, as the truck was beside them, but apparently it wasn't clear. Another truck was travelling on the highway, and the turning truck pulled infront of him. Going to the left to not hit the truck, he hit my first councilor on his motorbike who appeared from behind the turning truck (that truck didn't see them either). It's kind of complicated with there being two trucks, but basically they got hit from behind by a truck going highway speed. Sitting with them, seeing them all beat up really made me realize how precious a human life really is, and once this life is over, there are very few things that actually matter. It was just crazy. Other than that, we just had a couple lessons, none of them being spectacular, inviting people to church for Sunday.


Today in the morning, my comp and I had to leave with two other Elders to go get investigators to walk with them to church. Since they were two girls only slightly younger than us (yes, I know haha), supposedly they needed to have other people there so it wasn't 2 and 2. So, my comp and I got to go look for these other investigators of two other Elders with them. It was super awkward, and we didn't get to church as early as I would have liked. We were still 5 minutes early, but it wasn't the normal 15 that I like to be. When we showed up, Pablo was already there, which made me really happy. He looked kinda lost, as nobody he knew was there yet haha, but we went in and sat down with him once we got there. Today we also had a couple first lessons with people, so that was good. We went back to this guy we found last night, and we talked to his son and his son's girlfriend, and we also went back to this guy that we talked to like last week and he let us in for 15 minutes which was nice. We had a short but good lesson with him.


Today we haven't done very much yet, as usual. In the morning, I did a tiny bit of laundry by hand, wrote in my journal, and then did the dishes and cleaned the house. My comp just practised the harmonica. After that, we just came here to the cyber.

To your letter,

Yeah, I'm feeling better. The weather is actually quite hot already. It probably hits like 25 degrees in the day, and when we walk home at night (8:30 or so), those outside thermometer signs say it's like 15-20 degrees.

Anyways, that's it for my weekly email. Thanks for all you do and your letter to me. Now that you have my travel schedule, don't get too trunky now haha (I've found that parents are generally trunkier than thier missionary kids haha).

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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