Monday, September 19, 2011

Letter #87 - September 19, 2011

Hey Mom,

Thanks for the letter, I'll start out by telling you about my week,


Today after the cyber, my comp and I went to the feria, as I wanted to check out what they had. I actually kind of regret not buying a certain shirt that they had, but whatever. We also went to the chapel for a little bit, as my comp wanted to practise the piano. While he was practising, I wrote a couple of my converts from Vichadero, which I've been meaning to do for quite a while now. Since I want to write all my converts before I end the mission, that's something that I have to get started on haha. After our PDay, I had my meeting, which was good, and then I went out with Elder Rodriguez again for like the hour that we had.


Today at district meeting, I talked about teaching skills. I think it went really well actually. While I didn't get any letters, Elder White, my trainer, wrote a general letter for everyone in the mission that I read and then kept haha. He said hi to Elder Bryant, and that he was proud of me for training =) haha. Today we had a lesson with Miguel, teaching him about the word of wisdom. He didn't commit to stop smoking, although he says that he know he can. It's kinda tough... he says that he wants to get baptized and everything, but he hasn't really shown any sort of progress other than attending church a couple weeks ago.


Today we had Zone Conference, which I always like. President and Hermana Heaton came up here to PDu and had the conference with our whole zone (the missionaries in the city), and also in a city that's pretty near by. So, I got to see a lot of people and we had a super good conference. They talked quite a bit about faith, and it went good. Also, because my comp is new to the mission, he had to bear his testimony. He did good, but he also studied Spanish for four years before the mission haha. Something kind of cool is that President Heaton served part of his mission here in Paysandu like 40 years ago. He was called to a pretty large area (Uruguay and Paraguay maybe), but he served here in this city at some point. Anyways, he has a convert here that he managed to get the direction of, and it turns out she lives in our area. Somewhere in these 40 years she went inactive, but he asked me how to get to her house because he wanted to see her. He ended up going, but she wasn't there, so he asked us to go by her. Also today we taught the word of wisdom to Pablo, who didn't accept to stop smoking either. He said he's trying to quit, but that he has to do it slowly. It could have gone better. We also finally had another lesson with Andrea and her family, for the first time in a while. We taught about the plan of salvation, and also eternal families, and I think it went really good.


Today I did divisions, this time leaving my area and going to another. I went to work in Centro, which is the area just beside ours. I worked there last change too, but they wanted me to do so this change as well. It was a really slow day... we went by a quite a few people but nobody was home, and nothing really happened. However, at night we went to a party thing. Elder Baughan is a zone leader here who's going home in a couple weeks and Elder Ponce, his companion, had his birthday today. So, a member planned something tonight where we went to their house and ate food and watched a DVD presentation thing she made. It was pretty cool. It was kind of funny, because both of them knew about the party, but both of them thought that it was solely for the other person haha. So, that was fun.


Today was a pretty uneventful day, as usual. We basically just planned, and then played soccer in the night. We showed up a little late for soccer, since we had a lesson before it. Also, I kinda got stuck in goalie, which I don't really like. I don't mind taking my turn, but I like playing out too.


Today my companion and I didn't have lunch, so we decided to make tacos. They actually have taco shells here now, so we bought those (kind of expensive but way easier than making them), and made the rest to eat tacos. Soooo good. We had a lesson with this guy who got baptized not that long ago that I've mentioned named Walter. He offered to go with us to lessons, as he's a pretty recent convert and stopped smoking like 9 years ago (which as you can probably see, was a frequent problem through this week). We'll set something up with him. We also tried going by quite a few people, as it's the day before Sunday. Some lessons we had, others we didn't.


Today we had Stake Conference, so all of Paysandu came to our chapel. It was sweet seeing it so full. Just seeing our little ward every week makes seeing the whole group and the actual strength of the church here nice. It was good. The temple president and his wife even came up from Montevideo to speak, so that was cool. Church started an hour later today, so I was expecting to have some investigators in church, as the common excuse for not coming is because they're sleeping. Well, today was actually the first week since I've been in Paysandu (11 weeks) that we didn't have even one investigator in church, so that really sucked. Especially since conference was so good, and so many people were there. Today was also a slowish working day, but we did have a lesson with Pablo. Since he didn't come to church, he won't be able to get baptized on Saturday, but it was a better lesson than I expected, so that was good.


Today we haven't done anything yet. We came to the cyber today before doing other stuff, as we're going to play soccer, but not for a bit. So, writing this is one of the first things we've done today.

Anyways, that's all I got time for. Thanks for the letter and everything you do. I hope you have a good week,

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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