Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Letter #88 - August 27, 2011

Hey Mom,

I'll start out by talking about my week,


Today after going to the cyber, my comp and I went to play soccer with the zone and some member kids. It was a lot funner with the member kids, because the average Uruguayan plays better than the average missionary haha. After that, my comp and I went to the Feria. There, I bought this fake Peñarol jersey, that was actually like 30 bucks. All of the other fakes are like 10 bucks, but this one looks way more real. I thought it was stolen haha (it's not though). After that, we just came back to the house. Something kinda funny is the census lady came, I got to part of the 2011 Uruguay census. She asked a ton of questions, and since I like taking surveys, I thought it was fun. After that, I baked some chocolate chip cookies for district meeting tomorrow, so I used some more of the brown sugar that you sent me to do that. It was a pretty productive day.


Today we had our last district meeting of the change. I talked for a bit, but the main focus was everyone shared their testimony. It was the same thing that I did for the last district meeeting of last change. I also gave those in my district the chocolate chip cookies that I made the day before. For lessons, today we had scheduled one with Pablo that we went to with this guy named Walter who was baptized like a few months ago. Unfortunately, Pablo wasn't there, which I really don't like. It bothers me when we go to a lesson with a member and then the person isn't there. In another lesson, we went to this lady and her granddaughter that we're teaching with Enrique, who's the guy who got baptized a couple months ago. He did really good, and it was a lot of fun. The lesson itself was kinda tough, just because of the way that the grandma is, but it was still good having a member there.


Today, I did divisions again. This time, me and the other district leader switched companions. I stayed in our area, but I got to work with Elder Nuñez, who's from somewhere in Central America. It was a little different, but we still had a good day. We had a couple first lessons with people, which is always good, but we didn't finish the day together. The reason is I had to go do some baptisimal interviews for a family whose baptism was on Saturday. It was the family of the sister of the lady in our ward that had invited them to the family home evening we did a couple weeks ago. So it was this lady in our wards sister and her husband and kid. I really enjoy doing baptisimal interviews, as I like hearing people's stories and feelings about accepting the gospel. They're such a good family. The interviews took up the rest of the night.


Today I went back to the feria on the way to our first lesson because I had asked the person at the place where I got my jersey on Monday to get me another one. I had bought one of Peñarol, one of Uruguay's teams, but I wanted one that looked like the one that the Uruguay team used in the world cup. I do have the original, which was like 80 bucks that I bought last year, but today I bought this really nice looking fake for 30 bucks to use in post mission practises and stuff. I don't think I could ever play in my 80 dollar original haha, so I've been wanting a good looking fake for a while. Today we spent a pretty good portion of the day finding, which we need to do, and at the end of the day, my comp and I had a lesson with Miguel, who's still not really progressing or doing anything to show his effort. My comp is pretty frustrated with him, and I am too, although not as much.


Today my comp and I went back to Andrea, who has the two kids who are baptized and was supposed to get married and baptized with her husband when he got out of jail, but instead, has almost gone inactive. It wasn't a very good lesson, she basically said that she's going to stop going to church because her son who did get baptized started behaving bad lately and she wants to see if he'll start getting the actual point of church and start behaving better if she doesn't take him on Sunday and he has to go for his own initiative. It was tough. She just doesn't see that ever since her husband got out of jail, she's stopped going to church and everything has gone downhill. Sigh... Today my comp and I went back to some people who said that we could come by another day, and we started knocking doors too. Something kinda funny that happened today was a man answered the door naked. It was this old guy, and there was a thing hanging down infront of the door, but my comp got an eyefull. Thankfully, I was too off to the side to see anything, but seeing the left half his body was enough to see that he wasn't wearing any clothes. Que cosa. Today we also had soccer, which went well. My comp and I showed up a little late again today too, from being in lessons, but we still got a bit of playing time in. For the last little bit, we played basketball, which I didn't like as much but Walter had brought a basketball and some kids wanted to play so we did.


Today my comp and I went back to Pablo with Walter again. This time, Pablo was there, and we had a really good lesson. They're about the same age, and they used to even have the same group of friends when they were younger. Walter was good too, because he only recently got baptized, and because he quit smoking a while ago, which Pablo has to do. Today, we also went to a couple baptisms that happened here. One was the family that I did the interview for, which I really wanted to see. It was at a different chapel, but we went anyways, and there was a ton of people there which was cool. The other was for this one in our chapel, which we invited some investigators to, but unfortunately, none of them showed up.


Today was a really slack day. First, we had church (no investigators...), and then lunch. After that we went to a reference that someone in the ward gave us, and then we went back to the house to do our comp study that I have to do as a trainer, and also week planning. That was it haha.


Today we had to work instead of having our PDay, as changes were this week. As I was like 95% certain would happen, Elder Bryant and I stayed together. We did have a couple lessons. One was with this investigator's son, who invited us to wait for her outside his house (he lives behind her). Everything went really good, until at some point he basically told us that he wasn't interested after talking for a really long time. I kind of persisted, but I guess I was kinda too pushy and he didn't like it. Oops. The other one was with the Gimeno family, reading a bit with them. The dad, who we're still working with, actually participated in the lesson a bit, so that was cool.


Today my comp and went and left to do a few little things, and then we came to the cyber. We're not doing anything as a zone because some people have to pack up for changes.

Anyways, that's my weekly letter. Thanks for everything you do for me.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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