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Letter #89 - October 3, 2011

Hey Mom,

I'll start with what seems like the totally impersonal weekly update haha.


Today after our PDay, our ward had a ward council meeting, which my comp and I went to. We got there at like 8 (it started at 7:30 but our Bishop said it was okay) since we had a couple lessons beforehand. As missionaries, we're supposed to be there for like 15 minutes to talk about our missionary efforts and then leave. However, my comp and I sat there for like an hour (it was supposed to end at 8:30), and by the time he finally gave us time to talk, it was 9:00 and everyone wanted to go home. So, we just passed around this paper thing that we had spent like an hour making, with the hopes that they would read it later. It was a total waste of time haha.


Today my comp and I went to these people that we've been meaning to go by for a very long time. There's this oldish couple who lives waaaay far away from where we usually are, at like the tip of our area. They went to General Conference last year and loved it, but then the missionaries couldn't find them and then just eventually stopped going since they live so far away. Well, since this weekend was general conference, we went by them today to invite them. We went waaaaay out to where they lived, and thankfully they were home. However, the woman was pretty much just cold, and said she didn't want anything anymore. Like that was a huge disappointment. We also went to Walter, who had a friend over in his house, who I was going to start teaching. We didn't do much smalltalk until Walter was like 'Hey, aren't you gonna teach him?' So, then I started haha. It was actually a pretty good lesson, and the guy seemed somewhat interested so hopefully things go well with him.


Today my comp and I really had one lesson until the evening. It was with this inactive guy, who didn't really have a good reason at all for stopping to come to church. Basically someone did some tiny tiny mixup which had no real consequences, and he stopped going to church. I don't understand, he was never really dedicated I guess. In the evening, my comp and I went out to work with this kid in our ward. We were originally do splits with his brother (my comp with one and me with the other), but his brother ended up having rugby, which apparently exists here. It was somewhat disappointing, considering almost nobody was home. We did have one lesson with an inactive lady though, who asked us to go by. I bought him an alfajore for going out with us, which he really appreciated.


Today we had district meeting, since this week was changes (although nor my comp nor I changed). They called me last night right before we had to go to bed to tell me, so that was somewhat inconvenient. Whatever, it didn't really change anything. Afterwards, it rainted pretty much all day, so that kinda sucked. However, we did have a lot of lessons with a lot of people though, and they were all really good which was awesome.


Today was the first day of General Conference. I was really looking forward to it, and even spent like an hour and a half trying to guess all the speakers and what order that they'd speak in. I actually did not bad, and it was kinda fun haha. It took up most of the day, but between the sessions my comp and I went to this one house of people who were investigating the church a while ago but never got baptized since they weren't married (she was waiting for a previous divorce to take effect). The house was one of the saddest that I've been in in Uruguay so far, it was really, really sad. Not really was it small, but it was extremely dirty, and I'm assuming unsanitary to live in. We were only there for a little bit before I had to leave before I got sick from the smell. It was just super sad. After the last session, my comp and I went to this one couple who were supposed to get married and baptized forever ago, but when he got out of prison (what they were waiting for), everything went downhill. Anyways, today after the last session my comp and I had a lesson with them for the first time in like 6-8 weeks. It was a miricle that we found both of them in the house, and that they both listened (usually just she does).


Today was the second part of general conference. In the morning we watched the Priesthood session, which they had recorded from the night before for us (since it started too late for us). We watched in Spanish, which I completely understood, even though it wasn't my preference haha. Today the family that invited us to lunch also invited four other missionaries who didn't have lunch, so it was a mini-party haha. Inbetween the two sessions today, my comp and I went to the Gimeno family. We've been trying to get the dad to come to church forever, but he never does since he works really long hours Mon-Sat and always sleeps in. Well, we said that he'd go to the session, which he did. Woooohooooooooo! Everyone else who said that they'd come to one of the sessions didn't, but at least we had one in church.


Today in the morning a couple of us played soccer, going to the church and playing there for a couple hours. Since it's getting really quite hot here, you get tired really fast. After that, my comp and I just came to the cyber to write our emails.

To your email,

How does being a district leader work? Basically in every zone of 14-28 missionaries, there's two zone leaders (who are generally companions) and two to three district leaders, who have a few companionships in their districts. What I have to do is transmit stuff from the zone leaders to my district and make sure that everyone's working good and stuff. I also have to prepare district meeting on Tuesday, where I just talk about some aspect of missionary work. I've actually been a district leader the last three changes, as when I was training I was still a DL too.

No, chocolate chips don't exist here. Last time I used yours and this time I had to buy a chocolate bar and break it up, but it wasn't nearly as good.

Anyways, thanks for the email. I'm glad everyone's doing good. Thanks for everything.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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