Monday, October 10, 2011

Letter #90 - October 10, 2011

Well, I didn't get a letter from you this week. I'm assuming it just didn't get sent. I'll come to a cyber later in the day to check if you resent it.

Well, here's my week,


After our PDay my comp and I went to the church to have our meeting like we always have. We waited and waited and waited, until we figured we weren't going to have it and just left. Apparently they decided to cancel it without telling me haha. So, we went to the guy who went to Conference, the dad in the Gimeno family, and had a really good lesson with him.


Today we had our district meeting, and I decided to talk about commitments. It went well. The only letter that I got this week was from one of my old companions, and it was basically a letter of apology. He basically apologized for being tougher to get along with and fighting with me. It was the one that you sent me the five dollar bill for. He also thanked me for that. Today we also did our week planning for this week (way late), as we usually do it on Sunday but with General Conference it was like impossible. That was basically all that we had time for.


Today my comp and I spent a huge portion of the day just contacting people. We need new investigators. One of our lessons was with Pablo, and we taught him about tithing. It didn't go so well. He said that he's never really believed in it. Ever since we started teaching him about the commandments, he hasn't come to church. I hope he still gets baptized this change. I haven't had a baptism with Elder Bryant yet, and that really especially sucks since I'm training. We've just got to help him out a lot more still.


Today I had my meeting with the zone leaders. They decided to have it today after lunch in order to avoid the siesta (the country-wide post-lunch nap). It's slightly inconvenient for us, as the church is kinda out of our area, but it's okay. So after eating lunch, my comp and I went to our chapel to have my meeting. Today we also had a lesson with Miguel, which was a little bit stricter. We basically told him that he needs to start progressing or we need to drop him. He understood, as it's been a long time since he's come to church. We also went with a really good member in our ward to Marcelo Gimeno, as we wanted him to meet some members from the church. He's always home at night, but for some reason, today they made him stay late and so he never came. However, we were leaving their house (way too late), and he finally showed up. So, the guy we brought at least got to meet him. We ended up taking a taxi home haha (they're cheapish here), as we were pretty late.


Today was kind of a slower day, as it basically rained all day. It's pretty hard to work in the rain. However, today my comp and I decided to go to this lady that the Elders in another ward had information of who'd gone to church. She was one of the plans that we just put down for today. Turns out she was home, let us in, was really nice, and really receptive. It was a great lesson. While it obviously wasn't impossible, I really wouldn't say that I was expecting that to happen either haha. Today I also had a baptisimal interview in the afternoon. This one family is starting to come back to church, and the younger brother who wasn't baptized started going to church again with his sister. So, I did his interview today. I enjoy doing interviews, you can really tell a lot about the person. That interviw ended the day. We didn't play soccer again as it was raining.


Today in the morning, my comp and I went to the baptism of the kid that I had interviewed. They had invited us the day before but I didn't really want to go as it was kinda far and would have interrupted our studies. However, I decided it'd be nice to support him, so we went. Today we ate lunch with the people who have a cyber in our ward, so I took advantage of the time we had there and printed off a couple of those practise ACT tests while we were eating lunch. Today my comp and I had a really sad lesson with Luisa (whose granddaughter Bianca is usually there). We've been teaching her for a while, and she is really nice despite having a ton of personal problems (unhappiness, etc.) She's really receptive to the Spirit too, and our lessons are really strong. However, she's got such a hard heart which our lessons just pierce and she knows that what we're teaching and what we're saying she should do is true. Today we basically reached a mutual agreement that we had done our part, she didn't want to felt pressured, and there was nothing more we could do as missionaries. It was our last lesson with her. It was so sad. She needs our help so bad, and we tried so hard, and she knows it, and she never accepted it. Maybe sometime down the road. Our last lesson of the week before Sunday was with the Gimeno family, trying to make sure Marcelo would come to church again with the family. Today the house was a little crazier and it was harder to teach but we still had a lesson.


Today we had church in the morning, and again, none of our investigators came. It was super disappointing. After church my comp and had our comp study, and then we had our week planning. It didn't take too long, so we got to leave and do some work for the last couple hours of the day. We had one lesson, with this girl who was very nice, but very unprepared. She had recently started to be active again like a month ago in her Evangelical church. While she led me on so many times, I held in the urge to fight. She was really nice, really stubborn, really set in her ways, somewhat educated, and somewhat contradictory. I could have fought (and torn her apart) so easily, but it wouldn't have taken hours and wouldn't have solved anything. We ended on a good note, so I was pretty proud of myself haha.


Today is a holiday here, so nobody has school. All the kids in our ward wanted to play soccer with us, but since we did last week it couldn't have been with other missionaries. There was six kids from our ward who said they'd come, but of those, only two did. Thankfully there was my comp and I, another companionship (the zone leaders), and two kids from another ward. It was four on four, so it worked out good. We played from 8:00 to 10:00, and then they made us leave, so we came to the cyber.

Anyways, that was my letter. I hope all is going well. The only other time I didn't get a letter it was because it didn't send. I hope to hear from you haha.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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