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Letter #91 - October 17, 2011

Hey Mom,

Here's my weekly update,


So after coming back to the house, I did one of the practise ACT tests that I had printed during the week. I would have done two but because of soccer I didn't have time. I scored a 30 or 31, which puts me within the top 95-98% of people who take the test. I'll be fine haha. Today my comp and I went out after to work and we ended up finding Elida, the lady that President Heaton had converted like 40-50 years ago or whatever when he served his mission. It was a pretty interesting story, why she went inactive. To keep it short, I'll just say that it had to do with who she married and the church before the second official declaration. It was kinda a unique situation.


Today we had our district meeting, and today I talked about charity and love in missionary work. I didn't get anything in the bolsa. Today we also had three awesome lessons. One was with a lady that we had talked to last week, and we had our first lesson with her today. We also had one with this guy named Roque who's the husband of Milka, a lady that we found last week. He has a ton of religous books, and has even read quite a bit from our church's canonical library (DC and the PoGP). With him, we focused on the need of a spiritual conversion to the gospel, instead of an intellectual one. Today we also went to the house of Michele, a guy that we've been teaching for a few weeks. His wife is inactive in some Evangelical church, and she's never came in and sat down with us before. However, today she decided to do so. She said that she wants to help her husband get baptized and everything, and she acted really interested today. Not sure why such the change, but it was nice haha.


Today we had a short lesson with Pablo, who didn't come to church again on Sunday. He was going to go out fishing and we managed to have a short lesson with him. That was pretty much our lesson of the day, because at like 7 or so my comp and I were knocking doors talking to people. It was kind of starting to rain, but alternated between raining and not for like half an hour. At one point we were under this roof infront of a house, and it started to rain again. This time it started rained like crazy and didn't slow down. The storm hit. We were totally stuck. We didn't have any coats or umbrellas or anything. It didn't look like it was going to rain when we left the house haha. We had all of our stuff on us to, and I wasn't too excited about getting my expensive scriptures soaking wet or anything. So after wating like an hour and seeing that it really wasn't going to slow down for a long time, my comp and I figured out who was closest by, Nacho and Natalia, who have the cyber. They were two blocks from where we were. So, we ended up sprinting there, getting soaked in the process. They gave us food and we made tortas fritas (fried batter dessert that everyone eats here when it raints). At 9, they took us back to our house in their car, so that was really nice of them.


Today after lunch, I had my meeting with the zone leaders agian. It seems like when I started these meetings, there was more items of business. Today we basically just studied together for a little bit, so while it was productive it didn't seem the same. Today we also went to this girl who was babysitting in another house that other Elders had gone to and they passed us the address. It was a pretty good lesson. Since one of the Gimenos (who we eat with on Wednesday and recently got baptized) is about her age (17 and 19 haha), we invited her afterwards. She was reluctant but said she would.


Today was a pretty slow day, and we almost didn't have anything all day. Today we did have soccer though, and we were going to go with Pablo, but he had gone fishing. so, we ended up going with his brother, Franco, and a couple of other kids from the neighborhood. It was fun playing with them. There was 35 people who showed up, so we had seven teams of five, so we didn't get to play too often. Some of the kids who went with us were pretty little, but they did good. It was fun.


Today we went to the girl that we found on Thursday with Lucrecia. Flavia (the girl we went to) wasn't even home haha, so Lucrecia was getting worried for nothing. We were also gong to go with Enrique (our super awesome recent baptism) to Michele (from Tuesday), but our ward had to clean the church, so he had to do that instead. I don't even think that they did it because not enough people showed up haha. Our last lesson of the day was with Pablo, making sure that he'd come to church.


Today was Sunday, and we didn't have a single investigator in church, again. It's so dissapointing. You just work so hard through the week and then nobody shows up to church on Sunday. Something kinda interesting is we were doing weekly planning, but the sister missionaries in our zone have this girl in their ward who has this boyfriend who has started to come to church. Since he actually lives in our area, they wanted us to meet them at a lesson in their area so we could start talking to him. Well, wandering outside of one's area is a little tricky, as you don't know anyone or anything. Well, we got lost. To make a long story short, we got off the bus at the wrong spot thanks to a misunderstanding between the bus driver and I, thought we were somewhere we weren't, prayed, wandered, talked to people, found a different member, and got showed where this member lives that we were looking for. We were slightly late, but we had the lesson and it went well.


Today isn't our PDay, but I wanted to come to the cyber anyways to keep our letters more consistant. We went to the cyber of Nacho and Natalia again in the morning before eating lunch with them to do service, which including making those cables needed for internet. After that we came back to do a regular house check that I have to do, and now we're at the cyber. It's kinda weird not having our PDay today, but we have some stuff to do (like finishing weekly planning thanks to our unanticipated lesson yesterday), so it won't be too painful.

Anyways, that's it for the week. Thanks for the letter and all you do.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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