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Letter #92 - October 24, 2011

Hey Mom,

Well, here's my weekly update,


Well today after the cyber we had to do a couple last minute things even though today wasn't PDay. We had to finish doing week planning from the night before and get haircuts. When we went out to work, we only had one lesson. It was with this guy who got baptized a few months ago named Ruben. He's not super active anymore, but because of his work schedule it's really hard for him to go to church. He made us pizza as he always does when it's a set lesson, and we encouraged him to keep going to church when he can.


Today we had our district meeting in the morning. We started waaay late today, which really shafted me a lot of time that I had planned to use for my lesson since I waited for the zone leaders at our house for like 20 minutes (we had to do some house checks beforehand), so that kinda sucked. At district meeting I really didn't have any time (other complications), but I managed to talk a little bit about seeing teaching and finding situations from investigator's point of view. Today was also really exciting in that I got the package you sent me! Wooohoo! I've already eaten a box of KD, some peach rings, Ferrera Rochers and noodles, and I'll be making the brownies today (Monday). I love getting packages haha. Today my comp and I went to Pablo to have a lesson with him, and it turns out that he's going to go to Colonia (like 5 hours away) to work. Today was his last day here in PDu. It really sucked saying bye to him, I feel like he came to be a really good friend of mine. The whole mission is like that, saying bye from one place and to one person to the next. We managed to have one last lesson with him though, wishing him well and taking pictures and stuff. I wonder what'll happen to him.


Today was interviews, so President came here to have an interview with all the missionaries. I was one of the first ones since I'm a district leader, and my interview was a really long time actually. President asked a few simple questions and then gave me a bunch of advice on how to work with the ward better. The Zone Leaders and one of the APs who came did a presentation, but they weren't particularily special. Today my comp and I had two finding lessons, so that was really cool. We talked to this one guy who was at least slighly intoxicated who let us into his house, and we found these ex-investigators, an inactive guy and his girlfriend, who've gone to church before that we talked to.


Today my comp and I went to the bus station to buy our bus tickets to go to Deo for the weekend, and it turns out that the bus company raised their prices last night, so they cost a little bit more than I was planning on. Whatever. Today after lunch I had my meeting with the zone leaders, which was kind of a disaster since the other district leader got bit by a dog this morning so it was just the two ZLs and I. Other than that, we took Enrique to a lesson with us, which went really good. Enrique is such a stud, he loves going to lessons with us. We waited forever to for the guy to come back to his house, since he was out doing an 'errand', but in the end we had the lesson.


Today something kind of funny happened when my comp and I went out to start working. So we always walk by this highschool since it's on the way to our area, and today these three girls who were probably like 14 ran up to us and asked us for our signiture. I said sure (I was honoured), and asked if there was any particular reason why. They said that they were having a competition with these other people to see who could collect the most signitures. So, it wasn't for anything too special, but it was still the first time that anyone asked me for my signiture so I felt pretty special. Today my comp and I only had one lesson (a finding one) with some lady, and then we had to get on a bus to go to Monevideo. We left at 5:30, and got there like 5 hours later. From the terminal we took a taxi to President's house, where he and the H'na had made some room ready for us. I slept on this huge luxerious double bed, and my comp got an air matress haha.


Today in the morning my comp and I got up, showered, ate breakfast that H'na Heaton made for us (granola, milk, yogurt, bananas, and cinnamon buns), and then went to the Uruguayan American School. President drove us there, so that was nice. There were a couple other people waiting outside, so I waited with them until some lady came out and invited us into the school. My comp stayed in some chair in the lobby and I went with the four other kids who were going to take the test to the classroom where we were gonna take it. It went as I had thought. I think I did well, although I don't think I did the best I could have. The main reason was I didn't budget my time very well on the math test, and ended up with the longest questions at the end with not nearly enough time to solve all of them. The lady called five minutes and I looked for the shortest one to solve. As I was solving it, she called time. I don't think I got five minutes, but to not cheat I got stuck with like seven questions blank. That means that the highest I can get on the math subsection is like 27 or 28 I think, which is still good despite not being as good as I'd like. I think I did pretty good on English and reading, and even science even though it seemed harder than the practise tests that I did. I guess we'll see. It should be posted online in about three weeks. I think I got somewhere between 25-30, assuming from how I did on my practise tests to how I did on this one. After that my comp and I walked back to the temple on the same block where President lives, since our ward was there. We managed to make it in time to see the sealing of a couple in our ward, and then their daughter to them. It was really cool. It made me realize the importance of really being sure when you choose someone to marry haha. The people in our ward were pretty happy that we showed up. We took some pictures with them after and then went to Tienda Inglesa, where I bought a couple food items (like peanut butter, woohoo) and a tie. After that, my comp and I went to downtown Montevideo, where we went to Burger King for lunch. They've raised the prices, so it was like $11 for a double whopper combo, but it is SO worth it haha. My comp bought my lunch, since I bought his bus ticket, so that was nice of him. Something kinda cool was there was some bicentenial celebration in Montevideo, so there was a ton of people selling stuff on stands like handmade crafts (mostly jewelry), antiques, and paintings. It was really cool. After that, we went to the area where I started the mission. It was SO wierd being back where I started the mission. It's been a year and three months since I was there. A lot of people weren't home, and one family moved to Salto, but I managed to see a couple people and talk to them for a bit. The people at the last place that we went acompanied us to the bus stop at night, and then we had to go on to come back to PDu. That bus took us to the terminal and we got on the big bus at 10:30 to come back. I slept most of the way.


Today was a pretty uneventful day. We had church, ate lunch, and then did week planning.


I still haven't done very much today. After getting up, I got caught up in my journal (behind three days), and then we came to the cyber.

Anyways, that's all I have to say this week. Thanks for everything as always. I'm enjoying the package =)

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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