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Letter #93 - November 3, 2011

Hey Mom,

Well since today is Thursday, I have a lot more to say than normal haha.


After going to the cyber, we came back to the house. I made chocolate chip cookies for my district tomorrow, as I was under the impression that it'd be the last one for this change. Turns out I was wrong, but everyone got the cookies anyways. I decided that baking is way too much work, and it's no wonder that everyone just buys pre-made food. I also managed to get a bit of cleaning done in the house. We had a lesson in the evening with Marcela, that went really well. It was just with her, as her husband was gone, but it was a really good lesson. She really opened up to us and talked about their past and stuff. It's really important to have the trust of investigators.


Today was Tuesday, and I gave everyone the chocolate chip cookies that I had made the day before. I talked about how to work with members better. Something that I decided is that we really already do know everything that we need to do to have success in missionary work (or at least I do by this point). It's just a matter of applying it. Today we kinda found out bad news from a member about the Gimeno family. They're the super awesome family that came to church every week and fed us lunch every Wednesday. We were also working with the dad in the family quite a bit. Anyways, we don't really know the details, but they've decided to stop coming to church. We think that the Grandma (mom of the mom) has something to do with it. Not good.


Today we were supposed to eat with the Gimeno family, but as anticipated, that didn't happen. So we wasted quite a bit of time going to their house, not getting attended, and then coming back to our house to cook something. We didn't want to give the impression that we knew they had decided to stop coming to church, so we went there as if nothing had happened. But, we wasted some time in the process. In the afternoon, we did service for our Bishop. We basically just helped him out with farm chores, as he has a similar farm to Grandpa Larson's. It was a lot of fun. I want to help Grandpa out with chores after the mission. Even if all I do is just follow him around and do little things that he could do in his one-man-job, I think it'd be enjoyable. It'd been a while since we'd been to the Bishop's house, so it was good that we got to go over there.


Today I had my meeting with the zone leaders as usual. It was also just a long study that really wasn't worth the time we lost proselyting, as usual. We had scheduled to meet with our Ward Mission Leader after, since we needed to meet with him and we were already going to be in the chapel, but he cancelled. That was somewhat inconvenient. Today something kind of exciting happened though when my comp and I almost saw an accident. We turned around the corner after leaving a house and this chick was sprawled out on the ground with her moto tipped over. All these people started rushing over to her and tried to help and stuff. We were in a hurry and didn't really have time to figure out what happened or help, (and there was already like 30 people there as everyone is always outside in the evening during the summer) so we kept going. I think she just slipped on some loose gravel on the road though. Thankfully, it didn't look too serious.


Today we did service in the morning before going to lunch. It was our second time to do service this week for someone in the ward. They had really long grass in their backyard that they were going to cut with a weedwacker, but we went over it with a shovel and hoe first so that it wasn't too thick. Today we also had ward council in the evening, which my comp and I went to to be supportive and present that form that we have to talk about our investigators. It was a total waste of time, as always. We waited for forever to be able to talk, and they only gave us a tiny bit of time. We're only supposed to be there for 15 minutes but it was quite a bit longer haha. I was kinda not too impressed about that.


Today in the morning we went to another service project. This one was for the whole Stake and there was a lot of missionaries there. We went to a school and cleaned up the grounds a little bit. Something that they made us do was crush bricks with these tools. Since there were a ton of bricks, and we were in a large group, we got the idea of trying to chop them with our hands. One elder did it, and then I did. It was surprisingly easy, although my hand did hurt for a day or so haha. Today for work we had a really awesome lesson. A couple days ago, my comp and I were just walking from one place to another and this family ran outside to stop us. They told us that they were members and wanted to start going back to church, and that one of their kids could and wanted to get baptized. It was a miracle that basically fell out of Heaven. Anyways, today we had a lesson with them, setting it a few days beforehand. We also saw Jonathan, who's the kid who has the girlfriend in the other ward. It was another miracle that we saw him today, and we were able to set a lesson. Also, one of our investigators told us that we'd be able to get him before church. And lastly, Marcela and Jorge announced that they wanted to get married today. A lot of really good things happened today. It was pretty exciting.


Today we went by the investigator who told us that we could go by beforehand to get him. He was waiting outside for us, which made me really happy. However, he was waiting outside to tell us that he wasn't going to be able to go. I had gotten up 20 minutes early at 6:10 to shower so that my comp could shower at 6:30 so that we could make it to him on time and he told us that he couldn't come. I was not impressed. However, the family that we had a lesson with yesterday (who ran out of their house sever days before to yell at us) came really early, so that was pretty exciting. The ward treated them great, too, so that was really nice. In the evening, we did our weekly planning.


Today we had a lesson that was particularly interesting. We had a lesson with this 18 year old kid named Gonzalo who's a really smart kid. He's pretty philosophical, so I didn't know if he had the mindset or capacity to accept a church as the truth, but he listened well and understood. He also accepted to read the Book of Mormon, which I'm positive he'll do as he loves to read. Anyways, he was also pretty funny too, and was telling us all these stories about corruption here. He talked about how people had stolen monuments and statues and stuff. It was kinda funny, I didn't realize it was like that here so much. It seems normal, but according to him, everything's super corrupt.


Today was the last district meeting of the change, this time for real. I just had everyone bear their testimonies, after talking a bit, as that's my favourite thing to do at the last district meeting. For lunch, us and another companionship went out to eat at this restaurant that's kind of in centro that we always walk past. It was a little pricy, but the food was really good. It was worth it, although I don't think to go all the time.


Today was the last day that I'd be here in this area, so we spent the whole day saying goodbye to people. I really don't like saying goodbye. I feel that's what I've been doing my whole mission, ever since I left everyone in Canada. I took a picture with everyone and gave them one of the Canada pens that you gave me. Obviously we didn't have time to go by everyone that I know, but I did manage to say bye to most of the members, and a couple other people.


Today is our PDay. We ate lunch with a family and then used their cyber to write our emails. I'm leaving to Mercedes, which is located in the department of Soriano. It's a little bit further south, so I won't die during the summer. I'm most likely going to my 'graveyard', as I only have two changes left. My new companion is going to be Elder Woolstin, who's in his fourth change or something, so he's really new to the mission. I don't think I'm district leader or anything, so I'm actually kind of looking forward to a break from that haha. I leave tomorrow morning at 4:30am.

Thanks for always sending me your letter, I hope waiting until Thursday didn't worry you too much haha.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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