Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Letter #94 - November 7, 2011

Hey Mom,

Here's what's happened this week:


Today after using the cyber my comp and I went and said bye to a recent convert named Walter. He gave me a 3kg tub (6.5ish pounds) of dulce de leche as a gift haha. It was pretty sweet. After that I bought some stuff that I've been meaning to get here in Paysandu, and then we came back to the house so that I could pack. It was a miracle that all of my stuff fit in my suitcases. I seriously think that my suitcases have like doubled in weight ever since I started the mission, with all the stuff that I've obtained (books, clothes, random stuff haha). I'll have to leave a lot behind.. Hm...


Today I got up at 4:00 to go to the terminal and take a bus to go to Mercedes. It was only a couple hour bus ride, and I slept the whole way. After arriving, I met up with my companion shortly, did a bit of unpacking in the morning, and then did week planning in the afternoon. As I said in my last letter, my new comp is Elder Woolston, who's from Salt Lake City. He's the oldest of five brothers and sisters, has been in the mission six months, and played a lot of video games (especially Call of Duty) before the mission, so that's an occasional topic of conversation haha. Anyways yeah, today we did week planning and then went out to work. At one of our lessons, two members from the ward showed up and had come to talk to an inactive lady about going back to church, so that gave me a good impression of the ward haha.


Today was kinda a slower working day, as almost nobody was home. We did have a lesson with this guy named Juan, who got baptized less than a week ago. He was really cool, and this area hadn't had a baptism for a while either, so that was pretty neat. They gave us supper, which was a nice change (I never eat anything at night hardly).


Today we had church, which starts at 9:30 here. I'm pretty excited to be in this ward. Something kind of funny is that this guy who served a mission here came back to see a girl again and they're going to get married. He ended the mission barely after I started, so it's been a while. Today he visited our ward with his fiance (from Montevideo) as he served here a couple years ago in his mission. So, I got to talk to him there and everything, which was pretty cool. At lunch, the guy we were eating with told us this two funny stories of robberies that he heard on the news or something. One was these guys on a moto went to a huge store that sells electronics and appliances and stuff right in the middle of the city. They busted a huge glass window, and stole this huge plasma TV, which the guy on the back had to hold while the guy on the front drove away, which would have been an extremely awkward and difficult process. They escaped haha. The other happened in Montevideo, where these two guys wearing police uniforms and face masked helmets walked into a bank styled place, the guards let them in, and then the guys who walked in casually stole $40,000. Since they had their helmets on, nobody knows who it was haha. Today after lunch we had ward council. The bishop and first councillor (I don't think we have a 2nd councillor), and Elder's Quorum President were there. I was pretty impressed. I think that our bishop is a genius, it's no wonder that our ward is doing so good.


Today we got together a bunch of missionaries and played soccer at the church. It's been too long since I've played soccer, so that was really nice. It's super hot here though already, so that makes it not so desirable. After that we just all went to a house together to eat and now we've come to the cyber.


Here's some general information about my new circumstances, since I've changed areas:

My new area: It's small, and coming from a huge area, it seems smaller. It's so nice though because we don't have to do a ton of walking. It also seems big right now as it's all still new to me. Our house is in our area to, so I'll be able to come back to the house during the day to grab a drink of water to not die of dehydration haha.

My new ward: It's HUGE! I think it's the biggest ward that I've been in. There's like 100 active members or something. Since there's only one chapel here in Mercedes, and two wards of two missionary companionships each, there's a total of 8 missionaries in the building on Sunday. Hardly anyone recognized that I was new haha. It's very different.

My new companion: We get along really good. It's always weird getting used to being with a new person for every hour of the day, but we get along fine. I'll have a lot of fun with him.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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