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Letter #95 - November 14, 2011

Hey Mom,

Here's my weekly update,


Today we had a pretty interesting lessons with someone after going back to work. We had invited a lady in our last lesson to pray about the things that we were teaching to know if she should do them. She didn't pray, telling us that she didn't because she wouldn't want any sort of commitment to God if she did know. Wow, I couldn't believe it. She already knows that she should but she doesn't want to pray because then she'll be obligated to do a bunch of stuff for her eternal salvation that she's not sure if she wants to do. Hm. It struck me as interesting haha.


Today we had district meeting in the morning, which is a little different now considering I'm not a district leader. It was fine though, I prefer having personal study in the morning to do what I want than to prepare something for district meeting. Today we had a great finding lesson with this girl who recently got in some marital problems and went to live with her mom, who's an inactive member of the church with strong desires to go back. It went really well, so hopefully we can keep working with them. We also had this lesson with these people who have been getting taught for a while, a mom and her 28ish year old daughter. What's really distracting is there's this other 20 year old daughter who comes and sits down in the room without participating in the lesson just so she can stare at you for like 5 minutes straight while you're trying to teach her mom and sister. She's not even that bad looking (honest opinion), so it makes it super distracting.


Today we had a lesson in the morning with this guy that we've been trying to find forever. I guess he was a reference from a member. It went well, and he told us that we could go and get him on Sunday before church. Today we also had a pretty fun task that we got to do. Okay so we share the ward that we're in with another companionship of Elders. They're teaching this super sketchy couple, who are well known thieves (not nice, but true). One time when they were teaching them, the guy left for a few minutes, and then came back into the house like ten minutes later. It was the Elder's last lesson of the day, and when they were leaving the guy asked them where they were going, and they told him home. Anyways, when the Elders got back to the house that night, their house had been broken into. It's a possibility that the guy had called a friend to go break into their house while they were in the lesson. Anyways, today those two elders were going to go back to this guy, and they asked my comp and I if we'd be willing to wait in their house for them, which we agreed to. I figured it'd make a good story if something happened. So today my comp and I waited in their house while they were in the lesson. I wrote some essays and my comp read. Unfortunately, nothing happened, but it was still fun either way haha.


Not much happened today, although we did have another lesson with the mom and sister and the other sister who comes in to stare at us haha. The lesson itself went better, as we managed to not the younger sister take over the conversation and start talking about clubs, dancing, and going out at night. Sigh...


Today in the morning my comp and I went to go pay our rent, which we had to do for the month. After that we did week planning (already my second one here), and then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader. He showed up like an hour late, so we just waited in the church. In the evening we had a ton of set lessons, and I didn't think that we were going to be able to get to all of them. Turns out we didn't have one of them, although we did manage to go to some other people.


Today was a pretty exciting for me, as I saw something that I've heard other Elders talk about that I had never seen yet here before. Okay, well down here in Uruguay, motos are a lot more common than cars (cheaper). Also, people are pretty open about breast feeding, and don't cover themselves with a blanket or anything. Well today I saw a man driving a moto, and his wife sitting behind him breast feeding their baby as they were driving down the road. I pointed it out to my companion, and we both had a pretty good laugh about it. I actually hate when mothers have young babies on motos, but I found the whole breast feeding on a moto funny. We had an interesting lesson today too. It was with an inactive lady who got baptized in our church and then after going immediately inactive was invited by her sister to go to some other one which she did and where she's stayed. It was tough, but she knows that she's wrong.


Today we had church, and we had two investigators show up. The mom and daughter that I mentioned twice during the week showed up, which made me super happy. The guy who asked us to go by to get him wasn't there, but thankfully the two went. They showed up a teeny bit late, and it was so packed in the chapel I don't know how they found a seat. Hopefully it wasn't too awkward for them. They were both dressed really nice and everything. They left slightly before it ended (they had said beforehand that they probably wouldn't be able to stay for everything), so we haven't had a chance to talk to them since. Also today we were out just talking to people, and I felt that a lot of the doors that we knocked and people we talked to were really inspired choices. We even found this super good family in the night that we had talked to during the week. They even asked us about what time church started at without us bringing it up. Woo-hoo, we'll see where it goes.


Today we haven't done that much (as always). I thoroughly cleaned our moldy bathroom using a highly concentrated bleach solution which did the trick, we went and got lunch, and now we're at the cyber.

Alright, well that's it for the week.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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