Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Letter #96 - November 21, 2011

Hey Mom,

Here's what happened in my week,


Today after our PDay, the most exciting thing that we did was eat supper with Juan and Susy. I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned that we've eaten with them before, but I always like it. They're such nice people, and I really like eating in the sophisticated environment of grandparent aged people (haha, I didn't know how to word that well).


Today we had our district meeting, and the district leader just talked about the importance of teaching while finding and finding while teaching. I also got a letter today from Richelle and her family, which had a couple halloween treats too. That's always exciting. I didn't write them this week but I'll try to do that soon. We had a lesson today with the people who came to church on Sunday (Shirley and Natalia). I really enjoy teaching them and we had a good lesson. We also had a lesson with this girl that we had talked to, and she let us in today, to my surprise. Her younger teenage brothers were playing video games, but they actually stopped playing them to listen to us, which impressed me.


Today we ate lunch with our ward mission leader's family, and it was a lot of fun. He has some teenage kids who were there, and they told us about this circus that they went to. Apparently it was a total failure, and they way they explained it to us was so funny. There were no animals, only a few people doing stunts, and the clown's microphone broke so nobody could hear or understand him. I would have like to have gone just to see it. Apparently there were two parts with an intermission in between, which almost everyone left during. They didn't though, as they were somehow hoping that they'd get their money's worth haha. We also had an interesting lesson with this mom and her daughter who always sit on lawnchairs on this huge lawn outside their house by the highways. We'd talked to them before and today we just came to them and sat on the grass. They're really nice, and although the first time we talked to them they said they didn't want to know anything, they of course started asking us questions about religion and related things. It'll be a long process but they're fun to teach.


Today in the morning my comp and I went back to this lady who we had talked to a few days before. She let us in, but she mostly was just talking. We attempted to teach, but she was basically deaf so that didn't work so well. She didn't understand my comp or I. Today we also went out to work with a ward missionary, since we haven't really worked with members much. She actually hasn't come to church in a few weeks, so I don't know. It went well though. She was good, and I feel that she helped.


Today was Friday, so we spent a good chunk of the day planning. Today we ate lunch with this family that I really liked. The guy in the family told us about all these people that he has talked about church or shared his testimony with. He also gave us a few references and wants to work with some of the people. It was really cool, I don't think I've had anyone in my whole mission who does that. Everyone is scared to, although I have no idea why. We also had a meeting with the other companionship in the ward and the ward mission leader. It was a total waste of time, I was super bored. We also had a lesson with this lady who has been being taught for a long time. The only problem is that her husband doesn't want to get married (despite not having any reason), although the missionaries have never been able to talk to him. Well today we finally talked to him, explaining why she wanted to get married and everything. He said he'd talk to her, so we'll see what happens.


Today we had a quick lesson again with Natalia, this time without her mother Shirley. Shirley is a little louder and tends to take the conversation any which way, but today it was just with Natalia, which was kinda nice. The lesson was a lot shorter haha. Today we went back to the girl and her brothers that I mentioned we talked to on Tuesday, and it turns out they they have an inactive uncle who came to the house. He was really nice, and used to be way active until he got offended. You can tell he wants to go back though, although it'd be really hard at this point. It was an intersting lesson.


Today was Sunday, and we actually didn't have any investigators in church. I was so sad, I thought we'd have quite a few groups. Natalia told us the day before that she'd go (turns out they got in a fight), and a bunch of other people with at least somewhat valid excuses. We also had our ward council meeting today, which went well. I keep thinking that our Bishop is a genious. Like he wants to do this ward activity where the ward bakes some Christmas dessert and then delivering a little to all the inactive families and people in the ward, each active person being assigned a couple people.


Today in the morning we played soccer, which I really enjoyed. After that we went and got our haircuts, ordered food, and then came to the cyber.


Some random thing is that everyone in Mercedes I find is super respectful. Almost everywhere else that I've been, after there's no vehicles you cross the road. Here, most often vehicles will stop to let you cross. Also, the members treat us super well at lunch. It's just cool.

Anyways, that's all that I have for this week. Thanks for the letter and everything you do.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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