Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Letter #100 - December 20, 2011

Hey Mom,

Well, I always have a list that I make of things that I want to talk about in my letter. However, I lost it at some point today, and now I have absolutely no idea of what to say. However, I'll come up with something, although it'll be a different style for sure.

Well, this week was pretty normal, as far as lessons and investigators go. The highlight of the week was that we had a baptism. Alejandro, the friend of one of our good members got baptized on Sunday. It was actually a little bit complicated, as we hadn't told our Bishop until Saturday night (big mistake), who not only doesn't like Sunday baptisms but didn't even ever really get to know the guy. The reason we had it on Sunday was because it was the day that Alejandro said that he wanted to get baptized on, and it was supposed to give him one more assistance in church. The sucky thing was he couldn't even go to church in the morning the day of his baptism, as he had to work. However, the baptism and everything went fine. We filled up the font perfectly and everything. There was about 20 people who showed up, so that was pretty good. This week were also changes, but my comp and I are both staying. That's why I'm writing my letter on Tuesday instead of Monday. So, I'm currently in my last change, with my last companion where I'm going to end the mission. It's pretty crazy to think about, the time's going quick. If there's anything significant that I forgot to write about that happened during the week, I'll tell you on my phone call at Christmas.

To your letter,

Chicken milanesas are the fried coated chicken breasts. Guaraná is the pop in Brazil. Those drink packets that I gave you were guaraná flavored.

Well, that might be it for this week.

Talk to you soon, love you,

Elder Fikus

Sent a day later....

Hey Mom,

Well, I have a tiny bit of time, so I’ll update you on some of the things that happened during the week.


Today we had a FHE with our first councilor. He invited us, and I was hoping that there’d be someone who wasn’t a member or active there, but they all were. It was still nice to have a bit of time with some members. He lives really far away though, so we got home kinda late haha.


Today we had a lesson where we refound this exinvestigator family. They had gone to church a ton before, but never got baptized because they weren’t (and still aren’t) married. We’re gonna see if we can help them do that now though. Today we also had a good lesson with Shirley, who we’re starting to teach a little better. She’s gone to church three times, but we’re trying to have better lessons with her as she wants to just talk with us for the whole time that we’re there.


Today we had to go pay our rent, so while we were in centro I sent off a letter that I wrote. I wrote Richelle and her family and the primary back. They should get them before I get home haha. Today something really funny happened when we went to the house of a guy who’s about our age but inactive. He wasn’t there, but as we were having the lesson outside, his ‘girlfriend’ showed up on a moto. I didn’t get a good initial look, as my back was turned, but my comp sometime through the lesson was like ‘that was a guy’. When (s)he left the house, I got a better look at this ‘girlfriend’. Yup, definitely a guy. The square jaw, deep voice, body proportions and very subtle closely shaven beard. Freak. I don’t know how he wouldn’t know (the guy going out with it), but that’s kinda weird. We also had a FHE scheduled with an active lady and her sister and cousin, who aren’t members. It would have been our second one, but the sister and cousin weren’t there. However, we stayed and talked with the member for a bit. Turns out she’s crazy, thinking that she’s the most desired thing by all of the missionaries. She’s like 32 or something. She acts like she’s in highschool with all the missionaries, and it’s kinda weird. There’s also an interesting triangle between her and two other woman. They all feed off missionary attention, are jealous, catty, and slightly crazy. There’s also a ton of criticism between the three, and today I finally heard everything from the last person’s point of view. It’s been pretty interesting hearing the three all talk about each other, certainly entertaining.






Today in the morning we had a lesson with Paola, who has gone to church a couple times and just hasn’t gotten baptized because she’s not married. Today we finally had a good lesson with her and her husband. I don’t know if they’ll be getting married in the near future. After the lesson, we were going to be late for lunch, so they offered to take us on their motos. Ruben (the chick’s boyfriend) and her brother each have a moto and they took us to where we had lunch today. We didn’t have helmets, and I probably should have declined, but it took me a while to clue into what was going on and it was actually pretty fun too. Also, today was E’ Smith’s last day in the mission, as he went home a change earlier to go to school in January. So, I called him in the night and talked to him for a little bit. It’s so weird to think that he’s already gone home.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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