Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Letter #101 - December 26, 2011

Hey Mom,

Well, I talked to you guys yesterday and everything, but here's the weekly update,


Today we had this super funny lesson I guess with these two kids in our ward (they have a friend who we're teaching). One of the kids, who's 13 was on Facebook, and he decided how he had a crush on some girl that goes to church. She was also online, so he was kinda flirting with her and everything and then asked her out, which she agreed to if she kept it a secret. I was like dying laughing just how it all went out. We also got to have supper with Juan and Susy, which we used to do a lot more but he's had to work a lot lately. He's had a bit of a break for Christmas, so it was nice to get back into the swing of things with them.


Today was PDay of the week, as it was the last one for changes. I'm staying together with the same companion though, so nothing changed here. We basically wasted the whole day as the missionaries here in Mercedes decided to eat lunch together. We did homemade pizzas, which between waiting for everyone, going grocery shopping, cooking, and eating took basically the whole day. We did get to do a bit of service for our Bishop in the afternoon though. He had a bunch of books and manuals and stuff ordered to his house which we helped him bring to the chapel.


Nothing good happened today haha.


Today we had district meeting in the morning. It was the first one of my last change (6 weeks). We played a game to get to know each other for all the new people that came in, and that was pretty much it. I also got my Advent Calender and Conference Ensign today. Today we also had a lesson with Natalia that I think went pretty good. I asked her if she had considered taking her kids to church, and what she wanted for them. It went well, and I think it got her thinking.


Today we had lunch in the house, and we decided to make tacos. They were soooo good. I haven't even used all the taco seasoning that I brought with me on the mission, although I'm not sure how haha. We had a pretty interesting lesson with Alejandro (guy who got baptized recently) today. We were just teaching him and everything, and after a little while his grandpa (who he lives with) came in and asked if we were going to be much longer. We weren't, so I said no. Anyways, we were just wrapping out and about to leave when the grandpa came back into the room like 10 minutes later and told us to leave and never to come back, how he would call the cops if we didn't and then muttered how we had been there three hours to try to justify himself (we were getting close to one). It was totally without warning and definitely not expected. I think he just wanted to watch tv, as we were in the house since it was raining. If he decides to be prideful and stubborn, it may complicate things for us as we won't really be able to teach our recent baptism.


Today was Christmas Eve, and a good day. We just planned in the morning and finished after lunch and a couple lessons. After that I called home, which was really nice. It makes me realize that not that much has changed, and that I'm really not that far away. Since it's always a huge deal to eat a BBQ on Christmas Eve, this one family invited us over to eat supper with them. They barbequed an entire lamb, and had a couple salads to go with it. It was really good. At midnight, everyone sets off a ton of fireworks, so my comp and I climbed onto our roof (we live on the fourth and last story of our apartament building) to watch them. I got some pretty good videos.


Today was Christmas, and today we started off the morning by going to church. After that, a member family invited us over to each lunch, so we went over there and stayed for a few hours to play cards with them. After that my comp called home, and then we went to Juan and Susy's to eat supper with them. After that, I called home again, this time talking to my dad's side of the family. It was good to talk to all of them too.


Today has been our PDay, and for Christmas they decided to let us watch Kung Fu Panda 2 together here. So, all of us met together at the church to watch it. To make a long story short, a lack of leadership, decision making, and rationalization combined with an honest mistake made it take like three hours longer to start than it should have. That made us late for lunch (the place we order from was already closed until the evening), and then the cyber. Sigh... It was good though overall. We're just at the cyber now.

Alright, well thanks for the update about everyone. I know that you just talked to me but it's still nice to get an email. Besides, you only have like five left to write, and you haven't missed one yet. It was good talking to you (and everyone).

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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