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Letter #97 - November 28, 2011

Hey Mom,

Here's my weekly update,


Today after our PDay, my comp and I had one lesson with this family who's inactive. It's an interesting situation, because they got screwed financially by this other LDS family, who for not paying them back, has also gone inactive. Hm. The ones that we taught want to go back to church, so we're helping them out with that. The dad, who wants to go back the most has a difficult work schedule, but they invited us to their house to eat lunch and everything, so that's definitely a start.


Today was our district meeting, and today I got my Chirstmas package. After telling you the day before not to bother, I got the package the day after. So, I'll have an early start to eat everything before I go home in two months haha. Thank you! You were thinking the same thing as me (great minds think alike), so I'm glad this one wasn't full of big, heavy presents haha. Today we actually were at one point deciding what to do (lessons and plans fell through), and we were close to the family that I mentioned that we talked to yesterday. Turns out they were outside working, so we took advantage of the unplanned opportunity to do service. We also had a lesson with Natalia and Shirley who I've mentioned a few times, teaching them about the restoration. Even though they're progressing great, they don't really have testimonies, so we wanted to teach them the restoration, and it went really well.


Today we had a lesson with this lady who has been taught by a ton of missionaries. She was a reference of her really good friend, but we actually knocked her door anyways. Today we had our first lesson with her, and it was somewhat interesting. She's been studying with the Jehovah's witnesses for the past year, so it was kind of fun answering her questions. She had a hard time accepting the Book of Mormon, but after explaining some baised lies she heard, she decided that she'd continue to read it again haha. Today on the way home we were walking by a football (soccer) stadium in our area, and there was a ton of people there. Not sure why (there's never that many people), I decided to ask a standbyer outside her house. Well, that was about the greatest mistake ever. I think I started a converstion with one of the most apostate people that I've met in the mission. She never denied the church, but she feels way too sorry for herself about way too many things. It went from entertaining to frustrating as stupidity and contradictions began to spew out of her mouth. Eventually I interupted her and told her that we had to go (which we really did, even though she could have kept complaining for hours).


Today we didn't have lunch with anyone, so we had to cook in the house. At the suggestion of a member, I decided to try soy burgers, which were supposed to be delicious. The ones that I bought and tried (which were suggested) weren't bad, but they weren't near as good as real hamburger (as anticipated). I had to try them though, as the member said they were so good so that was kinda funny. We also had a lesson with Natalia and Shirley, and after teacing the law of chastity we found out that Natalia has a boyfriend, but is married to a different guy. Hm, so we'll see if she actually gets baptized now. That was a super bummer. We also had a pretty interesting lesson where we brought this member to a lady that we're teaching. I think that they got along a little too well, and the conversation got a little offtopic near the end. Like, they were totally talking about girl things and it was really weird. Eventually they stopped and appologized, we left (after saying a prayer), and they kept talking. Kinda funny.


Today we jut did planning until we had our meetring, and then we went back to Jackaline (lady from Wednesday who's been taught forever). We went with a member, who helped a ton. Something kinda funny is that I told her to write down her questions, and today she gave me a list of anti-Mormon crap she'd written down. I told her I'd answer all of it this one time just to prove her our church can answer everything, although after this I only want her questions. Sigh. Good thing I've learned a thing or two over these past 22 months. It was a good lesson though. She knows that our church is true. We also played soccer tonight with this family who we've started help come back to church, and we invited a few other people who we're working with too. I of course enjoyed that.


Today we decided to walk all the way across the city (only like half an hour or 45 minutes but still) to visit one of our investigators who's currently in the hospital. One of the members in our ward works there, so we use her to stay in good contact. Today when we went to visit her, she told us that she doesn't want us to visit her in the hospital. Like what? Most people in the hospital are so deprived of social interaction to the point that they'll accept visits from anyone, and here's this person we know and have talked to who didn't want to attend us. I couldn't believe it.


Today we had church, and we only had one investigator there. I couldn't believe it, I thought that we'd have way more. It's the lady who needs to get married whose husband we managed to talk to a few weeks ago. We still haven't heard back if he's weilling to get married or not. We also had a meeting with our Bishop, which is always good.


Today in the morning my comp and I went to centro as I wanted to print out some pictures. After coming back to the house, we ordered food, and then we came here to the cyber.

Alright, that's my letter. It seems like it was particularily long and boring this week, but that's the update. Thanks for the letter, and especially the package.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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