Sunday, December 11, 2011

Letter #98 - December 5, 2011

Hey Mom,

Here's what happened this last week,


Today after our PDay, my comp and I were just walking in the street when this older lady asked us if we said prayers for people. I said sure (not exactly what we try to do, but it's obviously something that we can do). So, we walked with her to her house, talked to her for a little bit, and then said a prayer with her as she asked. It was just kind of an interesting experience, someone looking for us haha.


Today we had our district meeting, and today I got a letter. It was from the CTR class in primary, so I'll write them back soon. Today we had a pretty good lesson in the evening with this guy who has a member friend who we went with. The guy we're teaching is pretty down and everything, and the member suggested that we give a Priesthood blessing, which we did. It went well, I really want to be able to help this guy.


Today we were walking down the street and we passed by the house of one of the people that we're teaching, Andrea. Her mom was outside and was doing some yard work, so after offering to help her, insisting, and then just taking the tools, we helped her clear some grass in front of their house.


Today we did divisions, so I stayed in my area and an Elder Salgado came with me. I haven't been in this area very long, but I got around fine as it's small enough. Elder Salgado is from California, and Mattlan actually served in his Stake (but not ward, already asked). Today we had four finding lessons, which means that they were our first lessons with people. They went well. After being in an area for too long, you start to get disanimated because it feels like you've done everything already. It was good to do divisions, get a new Elder in here and work with me. We also had a lesson with Shirley and Natalia, where they basically told us that they wouldn't be getting baptized in the near future. Nooooo! Natalia isn't married and Shirley said she feels a long way from being prepared. Sigh...


Today we had a lesson with Jackelin, our eternal investigator who's been with the Jehovah's Witnesses this last year. We went with a member (who we actually ate lunch with today, they get along great), and we talked about faith. She knows that this is true so much, she just doubts. Ugh! We also had a Family Home Evening with this lady in our ward, and her non member sister and cousin. They're all a bunch of cougars, so we had a good lesson. Now to see if we can get them to actually do anything. We talked about the plan of salvation (using that wood map you sent me) and played Uno (which you also sent me haha).


Today (like the rest of the week it seems) I don't have much to report about. We just had one lesson with Paola, the lady who came to church last week. We're going to play soccer with that family, so hopefully the husband can realize that we're not terrible and worth avoiding and decide that it wouldn't kill him to get married.


Today we had three investigators in church, which I was super stoked about. We went to get Alejandro (from Tues), and walked with him since he only lives a couple of blocks away from the church, Jackelin (from Fri) was already there waiting for us (she seems dependable), and Shirley showed up (from Wed), which really surprised me considering she told us this week that she probably won't be getting baptized anytime near the near future. We also had our ward council meeting, where all we did was watch a large portion of this movie called '17 Miracles', that talked about the Pioneers.


Today we went to the church in the morning to play soccer, did some grocery shopping, got lunch, and then came to the cyber.

Anyways, that's it for my letter this week. Thanks for everything. I'll be calling home soon haha.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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