Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Letter #102 - January 2, 2012

Hey Mom,

Well, this is what happened this week,


Today we had our district meeting in the morning. Today, all the Elders here in Mercedes received a cell phone. So, now we have a cell phone. It's not that weird this time, as I had one when I was in Vichadero (like last year). It's a bit of a newer model, but it's still pretty limited (no camera, internet, etc.), which is probably a good thing.


Today we went to Jacquelin, who we've been working with for quite a while. I feel like we're losing her. She's really not doing her part and has really started to doubt. Really sucks. Today we also had soccer at the church at night. We were invited and were told to bring a couple investigators. We had a couple, so that was really cool. There's this kid named Jhonothan who's a friend of this member kid who came. I think I've mentioned them before. Anyways, they came so that was good. We also did a tour of the chapel before playing with all the kids there, so they got to see inside it.


Today in the morning we went to this house where an ex-investigator couple lives. Just the woman and her mom were there (the guy was sleeping). It was pretty cool because I guess a lot of missionaries had come by over time, and the mom said that she never really participated much before. This time, she totally opened with us, and even offered to say the closing prayer when I asked her to invite someone to do it. We also found a really cool couple today. They live way out of the city and we just went to them after lunch. It's a slightly older couple who're Catholic, but somewhat open and really nice. The woman really loves MOTAB (Mormon Tabernacle Choir), and even went to the temple in Montevideo to buy some of their music. So, that was pretty cool.


Today we went by this one lady who we've seen every once in a while, and she said a couple things today that were pretty exciting. The first was that she's been baptized a ton and thinks that there's nothing wrong with being baptized again (we tried to explain the qualifications to do an authorized and acceptable baptism). The second was that she decided that she doesn't like the current Evangelical church that she's going to. Yes, hopefully that she changes to ours haha. We also had a really good first lesson with this guy in the night. We caught him leaving the house a few days ago and today went to him. His main question was why bad things seem to always happen to good people. It seems to be a question that a lot of people have. He even knows a good member in our ward pretty well, and said that he had talked to him a few days before.


Well, today was Hayley's birthday. Today in one of our lessons, we were talking with this guy who was always kinda rude to us, and just his wife listened to us. Well today he also opened up to us quite a bit, telling us that he had listened to missionaries before and had even gone to church and stuff a few years ago. I wasn't expecting that. Today was also the 31st, so like on the 25th they let us stay out a little bit later again. They basically have the same celebration as they do the night of the 24th. Everyone gathers together (family, friends), and hangs out outside listening to music and talking. Most families barbecue something (a lamb or pig are best, but also chicken or beef) and eat really late at night. At midnight, everyone sets off a lot of fireworks. It's basically exactly the same as for Christmas. My comp and I lucked out this weekend too and ate lamb (and all the accompanying salads and whatnot) with another family. This family is actually currently inactive, but they're really not that far. It was really nice of them to invite us. We had to leave still kinda early (10:30) and we just waited in the house until midnight to watch the fireworks from our roof again. Something also pretty cool is that there's this missionary who ended the mission like a year ago who recently came back with his dad to go around and visit everyone. He came to the same family that we were eating dinner with at night, so I talked to him for a bit. He's a super cool missionary, and we talked for a bit. I was pretty happy that I got to see him (as I knew that he'd be passing through the city I'm in).


Today in the morning we had church. Since everyone stayed up super late last night, we didn't have any investigators in church. Our attendance was also quite a bit lower, and most people showed up late. Today the family that we ate dinner with invited us over for lunch again and we ate leftovers. Lamb is super good. Today we also had a lesson with this lady named Andrea. Up until now, her mom has been kinda a pain, but today we actually spent quite a while teaching her and talking to her. Hopefully she starts to help a little more now.


Today in the morning I went and got my haircut. I figured I'd get one today, and then one just before ending the mission haha. After that, we played soccer at the church. My team sucked, so I basically had to do everything. We even had an extra player and we still lost most of our games. After that we came back to the house, ate, showered, and came to the cyber.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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