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Letter #103 - January 9, 2012

Hey Mom,

This is what happened during the week,


Today my comp and I went back to this guy named Juan who we had found the week before. Today we talked about the Atonement, as this guy has a lot of problems in his life and says that he doesn't have peace or tranquility. It was a really powerful lesson, he even cried during it. We also had a pretty interesting lesson with Shirley, and I'm really starting to understand just how hard it is for her that her son passed away. She talked a little bit about it, and even a dream that she had that she found out he was okay in. I won't really go into details here but it was interesting to hear this dream that she had.


Today I went off and did divisions with other missionaries in our zone. I had to take a 30 minute bus to a close city to do divisions with Elder Morris, one of my leaders. In the CCM in Argentina I really liked Elder Morris, and actually even helped him out a bit. Anyways, I've always considered him to be one of my better friends who was never my comp. Anyways at night after working for the day, we were talking. We were talking about the mission, President, and just a lot of general stuff like that. I started talking about me, and how I haven't been as obedient as I should have been these last two changes as I'm ending the mission and I'm not in a leadership position anymore and what not. He helped me see that I don't want to end the mission like that and all this stuff. Anyways, the conversation went to the obedience of other missionaries. I mentioned one day where a group was on Youtube in the cyber. Eventually I named people just so that he would know, but then he told me how he'd have to call President and whatnot. Not really what I planned on happening.


Today, after coming back to my area, Elder Morris called me and told me that President was going to call some of the Elders from that day in the cyber. Basically, everyone was going to find out pretty specifically what happened. It wasn't like 'just so you know' or anything, but straight up 'President found out because someone told him about this and that'. Dangit. To explain what happened during the rest of the week (as I won't go back to this), basically President called a couple Elders. They probably weren't too happy with me (although they can't blame anyone but themselves for what they did), tons of missionaries through the mission found out who did what and that I told. Like freak, that's not what I wanted to happen at all. So, I think I became somewhat famous haha. Whatever. Today we also had another lesson with Shirley. We talked a little bit about agency, and making decisions to get what we want to out of life. Also, after teaching her for months and months, she finally accepted to get baptized! Wooooohoooooo. Like it's taken forever, I'm really surprised that we stayed with her as long as we did. I really think that she'll do it though, because these last like two months, all she's said is the only thing that she has to do is just say that she'll do it and she will. She's a pretty stubborn person so I'm pretty sure I'll do it.


Today my comp and I were eating lunch with this family, and since we had a bit of time, my comp asked if they wanted to play cards. The family had quite a few teenage kids, so we thought it'd be fun. Anyways, the mom asked us if we wanted to play 'Conga' which is a pretty common game down here. I think I've mentioned it before. Anyways, she and one of her daughters ended playing with just my companion and I. It was kinda funny because before the game she was talking about how she's won some prestigious tournament and whatnot, and how we didn't know how to play. Anyways, my comp basically stomped trash, just embarrassing her and I. It shut her up. However, I learned some new rules that I hadn't heard of before. One, since the 8s and 9s are taken out (Spanish games don't often use them, I have no idea why), a 7-10-11 is considered a run. Go figure. Two, if you lay out your hand before someone else has looked at their cards, instead of winning you actually lose (I did this and the teenager hadn't seen her hand because she was helping her younger brother or something). Go figure. And lastly (and most ridiculous), you can't shuffel the deck how we all do it (in the Larson family, the standard, better way that mixes the cards), because it mixes the cards too well, which makes it harder for you to get plays. Go figure. Also, according to her, there's a number of card games that are banned here in Uruguay, because, according to her, you just gamble a lot in those games and people have lost everything. Probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard. As if the amount that you gamble is related to the card game.


Today my comp and I went to this person who we've been trying and trying to find. It's someone who listened to missionaries before, and even went to church a few times. Today, when we went to her house, she, as always, wasn't there. However, my comp decided to go and talk to these two women who were outside a nearish house, which we did. Turns out, we found the lady we were looking for. She moved just around the corner from the direction that we had, and today we finally finally found her. Just a little miracle. Today we also finally found Alejandro, the guy who got baptized like three weeks ago who's still not confirmed. It really annoys his grumpy old grandpa when we go over, but I swear that Alejandro works 8 hours a day and sleeps 16 (total of 24). Well, he said that he'd be going to church on Sunday, but the crazy old grandpa told us not to come back (again) because it was a lack of respect that we went by and blah blah blah. Hmm.


Today in the morning my comp and I went out to look for investigators to bring them to church. I had planned it all through the week how I wanted to have a lot of people in church, and, it paid off. Today my comp and I had a total of 6 investigators in church, which is probably one of the highest that I've had in my mission thus far (8 is my record). However, Alejandro didn't go for whatever reason, so he's still not confirmed. Dangit. Today was also my last fast and testimony meeting in church here in Uruguay. Our church starts at 9:30 here, but everywhere I've ever lived and been, it always starts on the hour. So I was sitting there, procrastinating bearing my testimony until about 10:25 when I decided for whatever reason to just go and sit up on the stand. Luckily I did, as the conductor almost cut me off, but he let me share my testimony to end. I was totally surprised that I forgot that the meeting was about to end. I thought I had another half hour and I almost didn't go up when I did. I'm really glad I did though or I really would have been angry at myself. Today for work my comp and I went to Juan and Susy's and they gave us a bit of food and we talked for a good while. He recentlyish got baptized and we really haven't seen them very much as he's been working a ton.


Today in the morning my comp and I had to go to the church, and we had a little meeting in the morning. After that, my comp and I went to what's called 'The Rambla' which is basically just the river that runs by the town. There's lots of parks and stuff on it. We just took a couple pictures of the scenery, and then came back to where our house is to eat lunch with Juan and Susy. They made us an asado, which they wanted to do before I ended the mission. It was really good. After that, we just came to the cyber, where I am now.

Alright, that's all I got time for. Thanks for everything,

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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