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Letter #104 - January 16, 2012

Hey Mom,

Here's my weekly update,


Today we had our district meeting, and in the bolsa today I got what are called my 'super trunky papers'. It was a big envelope that included: My flight times, a list of things to do before ending, a schedule of my last two days in Montevideo, papers to write my goals and experiences on, and the book 'Pursuit of Excelence' for goal setting after the mission. It was crazy to think that I've already got those. Afterwards, my comp and I did divisions with some other elders. I stayed where we're at and did divisions with an Elder Chamberlain from California. Something I learned about him that was pretty cool was he's kinda a hacker (good one) / programmer type guy, and he even made an app on the iStore. It's a game called Grids. What blew my mind most is that he's made a mini-fortune off it. When you sell something on the iStore, you get like 70 cents of the dollar. Considering he's sold like 300,000+ copies of the game... well, you do the math. It got me thinking haha. Today we also found a guy while working. He was just outside, working on some grill thing to cook an asado on. We came up and talked to him, and he was totally not interested whatsoever but he let us in for some reason. We kinda helped to him and talked to him anyways. Also, today I had a pretty crazy discovery. So I had gotten all these red bug bites on my feet starting like a week ago or so. I just assumed they were mosquito bites as we always got a ton of them flying around (we have to sleep with the window open but we use a fan). Anyways, these bites became pretty frequent, started on my hands, and eventually started running up my feet and hands to my elbows and knees. Okay, I wasn't freaking covered like I just made it sound like but I had enough to know they weren't mosquito bites. Anyways, I called the mission nurse and she figured I had bed bugs. Go figure. So today I left my mattress out on our appartment roof (cooks them and kills them) and washed my sheets. As of now (nearly a week later), it seems to have worked. While I still have the bites from before, they're going away and I don't seem to have new ones. Not sure how I feel about the whole thing haha.


Today my comp and I were in the house of a member and we're kinda teaching his non-member friend. Both of them are like 15, but there's a bunch of other kids that are sometimes with them. Today there was a particularily large amount of kids. It's almost impossible to have a spiritual lesson, but we're usually able to transmit at least something. The mom is also a member and she's really nice but just usually leaves us alone to talk to the kids. Anyways today it was slightly more difficult to have a spiritual lesson thanks to all the kids, but thankfully near the end the mom came in and told everyone they needed to be quiet and respectful and listen and that what we were talking about wasn't some big joke. See, this is where I don't know how to say it in English, but the translation of the Spanish phrase used here is she 'dropped the cane' on everyone. So that was nice, hopefully we'll start to be able to have better lessons.


Today not much happened, although at one point in the day my comp and I were at our crazy member's house, Alejandra (the one who's like 32 but gets crushes on and hits on missionaries). Her mom was there, so we tried talking to her. It was a super casual conversation, but she straight up got up and left to go do an errand. It totally sucked. Her mom was a member too, her daughter is, and she's gone to church a million times. I guess she's not interested haha.


Today we correlation with our ward mission leader. We call him every Thursday to set it up, but for some reason he decides to never come anymore, and it's been several weeks since he's actually shown up. Well today he gave me the surprise and showed up. It's this crazy old guy who's super funny, although I don't think he tries to be (laugh at him vs laugh with him, although I guess I usually laugh with him because I'm laughing at him). So the first funny thing he said was how as he's getting older, he's basically doing less and less of what he should. I doubt he's doing anything serious, but it sounds like he's racking up some pretty good sins of omission. Not only has he stopped doing his home teaching, but he's certainly not magnifying his calling and all this stuff. Best part? He thinks it's hilarious and just laughs about it haha. The other funny thing he said is that he sometimes sets up our meeting with the intention of going, or sometimes just decides not to in the moment knowing that we'll go to the church, wait for him, and just leave. He figured it was a blessing that we'd be able to wait in a cool church (since it's really hot here) for a little and sit down while we waited for him. I said it'd be like that if we sometimes didn't have to walk half an hour to and from the church in the blazing heat for a total inconvenience. I stumped him, I suppose he never thought of it like that. Today we also managed to call Alejandro (who's still not confirmed) telling him to go to the church. He said he would, but didn't show up. Dangit. We also went to the Bishop since we heard he wasn't doing great a few days ago but hadn't bothered to go but we needed to update him on some stuff and I think he appreciated the visit. We also had a lesson with Juan, who's becoming a super good investigator. He liked church, said he'd go this week, read a ton of stuff he got there and everything. He's progressing great.


Today my comp and I went to this house in the morning of a family that I mentioned probably last week. We went to teach this unmarried couple, but found the guy's girlfriend and mom. Well today we found the guy and his mom. Turns out they split up a few days ago. It's interesting how that happens. The missionaries tried getting these people married like a little over a year ago, but they didn't want to. It's not the first time that I've seen where when people don't want to, it's only a small matter of time before they actually split up. Kinda sad, especially considering they have young kids.


Today we had a pretty promising group of investigators who I thought would show up to church. We ended up with three, which is better than nothing but a lot more really wasn't that unrealistic. Something super funny today is that in Sacrament meeting they announced the baptism that we're gonna have this Friday. The lady, Shirley, hates public attention, and mentioned how, for example, this one time they forgot to take off a tag in some store and when she was leaving it sounded the alarm and how she got super embarrassed and furious. Well today when they announced her baptism, they asked her to stand up (so everyone could see her). Since she was near the back of the congregation (I was sitting right behind her), the 80 or so people in front of her all turned around at the same time and looked at her. I was kinda laughing to myself cuz I just know she wanted to die haha. In the evening we only had a couple lessons with some inactive families.

Alright, well that's it from me, thanks for everything. I only have two emails left haha (and the last one will be a few days before leaving).

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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