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Letter #105 - January 23, 2012

Hey Mom,

Thanks for the letter, here's my update of the week,


Today after our free time, my comp and I went to the family who invited us over on new years to have a family home evening with them. The dad of the family his super good, but his wife is a little more reluctant to go to church and the teenage kids have slowly drifted away to a more worldly lifestyle. For the lesson, we read the Family Proclamation for the World. ( It went really good. Hopefully the family can start to come back.


Today my comp and I had district meeting in the morning. I have been trying to get a hold on some good Uruguayan flags for the last little while (there's so many fake and sucky versions). Anyways, after finding a place in Montevideo and talking to some Elders there, I got my flags today that they had sent to me. So, I got another souvenir for dad and I. Today in the evening we also played soccer with the Francia family, who we play soccer with every once in a while. It's pretty fun, although they play really good haha.


Today in the morning, we had our interviews with President. He came to Mercedes today, and every companionship went a pre-determined hour to have a short interview with him. Since it only happens every three months or so, my last one was with him today. We basically just talked about what I thought of the mission, my family, plans for after, and stuff like that. It was really good, I enjoyed the interview. Sometimes they're really impersonal and stuff, but this one was good. Today in the evening we also had a lesson with Alejandro, (baptized over a month ago and still not confirmed). We went to his house, even though his crazy grandpa doesn't want us there and dragged him to the church. He tried making excuses and stuff, but we weren't going to let him go this time. We had a really direct lesson with him, considering he hasn't come to church the last like five Sundays. We also suspected that he'd relapsed or fallen in something, considering we knew there was an issue brought up during the interview. We actually know what it was, but I can't really say. Anyways, we gave him lots of opportunities to confess and talk, but he just basically said he really didn't know he had a commitment with God and just didn't go to church because he didn't wake up because he didn't feel like it and stuff. Hm. Not good.


Today we had a baptisimal interview for one of our investigators Shirley, who was going to get baptized on Friday. She's had a really hard time quitting smoking, but she passed the interview anyways. Afterwards, my comp and I went to Jhonathan, the teenage investigator that we have to finish teaching him the restoration. We finally managed to have a spiritual lesson with him, which was a miracle. Hopefully we can keep having good lessons like that with him.


Today, basically everything was focused around that baptism tonight of Shirley. In the morning we cleaned the font (someone was kind enough to leave water in there for weeks which made it start to smell horrible), and got the whole clothes situation figured out. After lunch, our really good investigator, Juan, called us to see if we could come over so we did. After that we went to the church to start to fill up the font and then we went to Shirley's to show her the potential clothes we found. While there, it got brought up that she had somewhat recently smoked a cigarette. Anyways, we left, and then talked about it. We ended up calling a couple people, and then went back to Shirley, mentioning the possibility of postponing her baptism. It was really hard to do, and it's hard to do carefully so the person doesn't get super down and discouraged. Anyways, we ended up postponing the baptism. We sent a text to all the members and got back to the church quickly to drain the font, which by that point was almost overflowing haha. So yeah, that was a super bummer.


Today my comp and I ate lunch with this one guy in the ward who I think is pretty cool. Today he talked a ton about the American elections which are going on. Mitt Romney, who's LDS, is in it again and last I heard doing a lot better. I believe he's one of the top four potential Republican leaders (which would put him against Obama). Anyways, he talked a lot about that, which I found interesting. After lunch we went to a member's house to do service. They're building what sounds like a greenhouse from how they described it, but to me it looks like it's going to be a huge wooden shed (like Grandpa Larson has on his farm). So we helped put some of the pillars into the ground. I enjoyed it, and members really appreciate when we do service for them. After that we went to Shirley's, to set her new baptisimal date. Since she can't get baptized next weekend, basically the only day that she could do it while I'll still be in Uruguay would be Tuesday. Since that was really the only logical option (rather than waiting two weeks), we set it for Tuesday. So, we postponed her Friday baptism for like four days later for the Tuesday haha.


Today in church, they announced Shirley's baptism, again. Our Bishop didn't know we were gonna have it on Tuesday, but I told the 1st Councilor who was doing the announcements. When he announced Tuesday, the Bishop (who was looking down at some paper or something) looked up and mouthed 'MARTES?!' (Tuesday). I said 'Sí' (yes). He said 'No' (no, haha). But, knowing that he actually has no jurisdiction over that, couldn't do anything but certainly didn't approve. He asked about it later, but I explained to him (and he understood) that Tuesday obviously wasn't our first pick either and that if there were a better day, we would have done it then. Today we also did our week planning (didn't have time on Friday), and had a ward correlation meeting.


Today in the morning my comp and I went into Centro as I wanted to buy a bunch of souveniers. I did pretty good, although it's really only a start. I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much stuff (clothes, books, study books and journals, personal items, etc.). And I have lots of souvenirs to buy. After that we came back and ate lunch with Juan and Susi, who's the super old nice couple that we have (he recentlyish got baptized). After eating we played a bit of cards, and then we came to the cyber where I am now.

Alright, well that's all that I got time for this week. Your next email will be your last one, and I just have one more to write back to it. So weird!

See ya soon, love you,

Elder Fikus

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